Virtual Fall Craft Fair – Invitation to Vendors & Sponsors

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This virtual Fall Craft Fair is a chance for crafters and small business owners to connect with people who enjoy decorating their homes with handmade items, wearing handmade and/or giving handmade gifts.  The goal of participants is to show off their handmade items that they are making available for sale, find buyers where the crafter and/or small business owner will be responsible for working directly with the buyer to handle the sales & shipping of the item(s).



Craft Fair Vendors Info:

  • must showcase the handmade items that they wish to sell.  These can be displayed on their blog, ETSY shop, or other online tools (e.g. Pinterest, PayHip, etc), but QuiltShopGal will only list one url link (to your virtual booth) on your scheduled day to participate.
  • must help increase awareness of the event and encourage others to visit all the participants in the virtual craft fair.  Getting the word out via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or your blog is helpful, but even email and word of mouth can be helpful for non-crafters and non-bloggers to learn about this event and come shop!  The more we get the word out the better chances more handmade items will be sold during this event!
  • For participants who are bloggers, they are required to have their blog post released by 3am PST on their respective day of the event.
  • This is NOT an event to sell your supplies or patterns, but to showcase and sell your handmade items (e.g. quilts, table runners, wall hangings, knitted, embroidered, painted, paper crafts, and other handmade items, etc.).  And this is not an event to sell services (e.g. not intended to promote your ability to do long arm services nor take custom orders to make a quilt, etc.).  It is intended to sell items you have already handmade.  And for bloggers, it is certainly ok to give a plug in your post for selling your services, patterns, etc..  I just want everyone to understand and agree the primary focus is showcasing and selling handmade items.
  • When posting your items for sale you will need to consider if the price includes free shipping vs buyer pays for shipping and if you prefer to have US only buyers, US/Canada, or if you are open for international buyers.  To clarify, participants that want a booth in this virtual craft fair can be from any place in the world, just like the buyers that will come to shop.  So you’ll need to be clear when selling how you want to handle purchases from buyers who may live in a different country than you do.
  • This is a free event to participate in – QuiltShopGal does not charge any fee for you to have a booth in this Virtual Craft Fair.
  • Yes, Quilt Guilds are welcome to have a booth in this Virtual Craft Fair.  As mentioned, ideally they should have a blog where they can easily post all the handmade items they wish to sell, as well as a point person for people to contact for questions.
  • All participants should have an easy way for buyers to contact them if there are questions.  For example, your blog/website should have email access or contact me form that can easily be found.
  • Businesses (stores) that may want to have a booth may want to consider setting up a page on their website where they can showcase the handmade products that they wish to sell by way of this craft fair vs a link to their main store and expect customers to go hunting around their website for handmade (or other items).

Sponsor info:


Sponsors will be showcased on their respective day of this Fair, which they will be required to donate a prize that they will ship directly to a randomly selected winner (or can be downloadable).

The prize can be a newly manufactured item, a gift certificate,  or a new handmade item of their choosing, but the value should present their business in a good light.

This is a free event to Sponsor – QuiltShopGal does not charge any fee for you to be a sponsor this Virtual Craft Fair and receive great PR visibility on my blog and on other social media platforms.

Virtual Craft Fair Schedule (WIP):

note:  This list has not been updated, but it will be this coming weekend.  A log has been maintained offline.


Crafter Stop


Monday, November 11th

  1. Maryellen of MaryMack’s Blog
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  1.   Martingale
  2.  By The Yard Calendar
  3.   tba

Tuesday, November 12th

  1. Pamela Quilts
  2. Classic Metal Barn Quilts 

  3. Pappy Creations
  4. TBA

  1.  By The Yard Calendar
  2.   tba
  3.  tba

Wed, November 13th

  1. Bea of Beaquilter
  2. Ernie Thompson, Patsy Thompson’s husband ?

  3. TBA
  1.  By The Yard Calendar
  2.   tba
  3.  tba

Thursday, November 14th

  1. Barb of Bejeweled Quilts
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  1.  By The Yard Calendar
  2.   tba
  3.  tba

Friday, November, November 15th

  1. Handmade items for quilters by the husband of Jen (official name/link tbd)
  2. June of

  3. Andrea of Dear Olivia
  4. QuiltBoxes ?
  5. TBA
  1.  By The Yard Calendar
  2.   tba
  3.  tba

QuiltShopGal will release a pre-event PR post for this event the week before, as well as PR posts daily during the event showing the booths (stops/links) and Sponsors.  To clarify, I will release blog posts, as well as share via social media and via email to non-blogging/non-crafting friends to encourage them to check out the Virtual Craft Fair, as well as enter to win sponsored prizes.

Please let me know if you have any questions and/or if you would like to lock in a spot for your virtual craft booth or as a sponsor of this event.

aka QuiltShopGal