Earthleen Briggs, of Ethnic Quilts & Fabrics

Ever want to make a really unique quilt or fibre art? Something that will pop?  An Heirloom quilt?   Well, then I recommend you visit Ethnic Quilts & Fabrics in Lemon Grove, CA.  Earthleen Briggs, the owner of this delightful store, has this store stocked with unusual and beautiful fabrics, along with many unique quilts and other unique items.  Plus, … Continue reading Earthleen Briggs, of Ethnic Quilts & Fabrics

My Favorite “New” Fabric Designer: BBS Designs, by Beena Singhal

I've been following (trying to not stalk) a very talented woman. Beena Singhal is a graphic artist that also loves to quilt. And she has been working hard to create a delightful line of gorgeous fabric, through her studio “BBS Designs”, which has just recently been released for purchase on's line of fabric is colorful, … Continue reading My Favorite “New” Fabric Designer: BBS Designs, by Beena Singhal

Marge Renner

Happy Birthday to Marge Renner!  To help celebrate her birthday today, I am sharing insights on some of her Family Heirlooms for everyone to enjoy.Marge is an extremely talented quilter, and a lovely woman.  While someday I hope to write another article about Marge, sharing insights on quilts she has made, I wanted to share … Continue reading Marge Renner

Flossie’s Quilting – Michaelanne Gephart

Michaelanne Gephart is a very thoughtful, generous, and talented woman whom I find very inspirational.  She loves animals, gardening, and being outside.  She'll even describe the "healing powers" of being out in the yard. And you can see how she draws upon these areas in her quilting.When Michaelanne was a young girl, her family would visit … Continue reading Flossie’s Quilting – Michaelanne Gephart