Organizational Ideas for Quilting Stencils

Quilting Stencils are fun to use to mark quilt tops for quilting, but how do you store them?  Today, I want to share a few organizational ideas, for quilting stencils.  But, I also hope if you have any ideas, that you'll leave a comment to share with all of us. One approach is to use … Continue reading Organizational Ideas for Quilting Stencils

Let’s Talk Organization, a Sale, a Tutorial

How organized are you?  Do you like making projects that help you organize?  Do you like sales?  How about a tutorial for a fun organizational project, which would also make a great gift?  Time to share some insights with you today: First, I want to share insights with you about a book by Heidi Staples called Sew … Continue reading Let’s Talk Organization, a Sale, a Tutorial