Blue & White Quilts (and insights on a Giveaway too)

Oh my gosh, I found another wonderful new book which I think will be a "must have" for anyone who loves blue and white quilts.  Of course, don't overlook how these designs would look in red & white, or other colors.  I'm certainly hoping Santa will bring me a copy for Christmas. What about you? … Continue reading Blue & White Quilts (and insights on a Giveaway too)

Quilting With Kids

Have you found a book packed with #CreativeGoodness that you want for Christmas?  Maybe the book I'm sharing insights about today will be the one you want.  I think it is a   "must-have" for anyone wanting to teach a child to quilt, sew, as well as the art of stitchery!  And, QuiltShopGal thinks it would … Continue reading Quilting With Kids

Celebrate the Seasons

QuiltShopGal is continuing to share insights about books packed with #CreativeGoodness that would make great gifts for Christmas.  Who wouldn't want a book packed with Creative Goodness in their Christmas Stocking, or under the tree this Christmas?  Be sure to let Santa know what you want and you might get lucky!   Of course, books … Continue reading Celebrate the Seasons

Changing Seasons

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Holiday Season and also enjoying time checking out books packed with #CreativeGoodness, which would help you make beautiful projects to decorate your home, as well as to give handmade gifts.  Of course, the book itself would make a great gift for creative friends.  But if you are running out of time … Continue reading Changing Seasons