In These Crazy Times Quilters Are The Happiest: Cozy Creative Center Hosts a Free Mystery QAL

There is no doubt about it, 2020 is the year we all looking forward to being over. I’ve become convinced that while we are all stressed, Quilters are getting thru this year with grace, kindness, generosity, and love and we continue to share joy and inspire others. We will survive!

But I want to encourage you to reach out to others if you are feeling the stress and could use some kind words of encouragement and support. We are blessed to have our own physical “bubbles”, as we as virtual “bubbles” to allow us to socialize wth some of our family and friends. Still, we may not realize someone we care about is having a difficult time. Friendship is a two way activity and there are times when you need to say “I need a friend, I need some encouragement, I need some happiness”. Together, we will survive.

We all need to make sure we take time to find joy and creativity every day. You might find it when you take to read (or write) a blog post, it might be “Happy Mail” you send to someone (or receive), For Happy Mail inspiration, be sure to check out insights by Carole of From My Carolina Home. Clearly, there are many options we just all need to find time to look for joy, as well as share with others.

I’ve been listening to the “Happy” music station on Pandora for my daily good cheer. Music is such a good way to find joy. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” always brings me joy:

The recent story on CBS news about an Atlanta based food writer who has found joy during these crazy times by providing creative meals for a chipmunk definitely made me smile and inpired my creativity. Here is the link to the full story:

Getting outside to do some gardening and/or walking also brings me joy. But my favorite way to find joy in these crazy times is to spend time quilting, sewing, embroidery, or just doing anything creative!

Earlier this year, QuiltShopGal shared insights about a FREE Mystery QAL hosted by Daniela Stout of Cozy Creative Center (Cozy Quilt Designs). The SewQuester event was held at the start of the Covid Pandemic, where Daniela released steps in a free quilt design each week and many participated in this Mystery QAL where the ended up making absolutely stunning quilts. Here are some photos of SewQuester quilts shared by participants via Facebook:

And, while this free Mystery QAL was originally only going to provide the free pattern steps for a short time (before the pattern was to have been released for sale), they are still available for free! You may want to check out the video tutorials which still include links to download the instructions for the steps in this fun Mystery QAL:

Cozy Creative Center has been hosting Facebook Live events, every Monday at 4pm PST where they share inspiration, joy, unique deals for quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts, host several door prize giveaways, etc.. Last Week “Monday Night Live” Daniela shared insights that on Monday, Oct 26th Cozy will kick off another Free Mystery QAL which will run over a period of 7 weeks. This coming Monday they’ll share fabric requirements and each following week participants will receive another part of instructions to make this mystery quilt. Daniela’s designs typically include instructions to make her designs in various sizes (eg. wallhanging, table runner, lap, twin, queen, king), but as this is a Mystery QAL I honestly have no idea.

UPDATE: Daniela shared that this mystery quilt will finish in a 44″x44″ and will have a Christmas theme, but you don’t have to do it in Christmas Colors. The FREE Block of the Week pattern will be shared during Cozy’s Monday Night Live. Instructions will be free to download that day, but only for 1 week. When the next step goes up, the free instructions for the previous step will come down! So don’t miss it (But if you do miss, you can buy the step for only $3).

Be sure to watch their Facebook Live events on Mondays, 4pm PST and definitely this coming Monday, where you can learn more about this Mystery QAL which will certainly be filled with joy. And remember it is free, so you can invite ALL of your quilting friends!

Lastly, I’d like to hear how you are doing in these crazy times? Do you need some Happy Mail? What tips do you have for creating joy ? Please feel free to leave a comment, or email me. I’d really like to hear from you.

You can find Cozy Creative Center at:

3 thoughts on “In These Crazy Times Quilters Are The Happiest: Cozy Creative Center Hosts a Free Mystery QAL

  1. Love the quilt. And thanks for sharing the porch restaurant. So entertaining.
    Between the pandemic and a knee injury, I was down for about six weeks totally at home. So I started doing puzzles. It’s been years since I did them, and I found that they brought joy. When I was stumped, my daughter joined in and helped out. No sewing or quilting for me. Still waiting to sell my Sweet Sixteen.


  2. Love the chipmunk restaurant, LOL!!! thank you so much for sharing a laugh. My Sweet Babboo thinks I am crazy to make our local squirrels tiny peanut butter sandwiches. I sent him that link. Thank you for mentioning Happy Mail, I just sent out some Autumn Jubilee cards this past week.


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