In Crazy Times – Give Joy To Kids!

I’m hearing some fun and creative ideas for entertaining and educating kids during these crazy times and I wanted to take time today, to heighten awareness of such opportunities with Leah Day:

Mally The Maker And The Queen in the Quilt, by Leah Day is truly an entertaining story for kids of ALL ages.  I previously shared a review of this book, which I quickly fell in love with.  I’m actually about to pull it out for a 2nd read.


In these crazy times, I want to point out this is an excellent read and certainly, a fun family read.  If you don’t yet have a copy, QuiltShopGal highly recommends you consider ordering a copy from Leah Day’s online store.  And, it would make an excellent gift for anyone, especially a kid.  Great way to give joy!


Leah also created a pattern to make Ms. Bunny, a cuddly and loveable fabric bunny who is also a key character in this fun book.  I think making Ms. Bunny and giving her to a child would certainly give joy.  But this pattern would also be fun to use to teach kids, of age ready to learn to sew, to stitch their own.   Click thru for more info:  How to make Ms Bunny Doll


And, don’t overlook the cute patterns Leah created to dress your Ms. Bunny:  How to Sew Ms Bunny’s Doll Dress  and  How to Sew Ms Bunny’s Panties.

Again, Mally The Maker And The Queen in the Quilt, by Leah Day  is a fun read for kids of all ages and Leah’s pattern to make Ms. Bunny is perfect anytime, but especially during these times where we simply need to find and share more joy.  And, don’t overlook that Easter is coming.  Wouldn’t a copy of Mally the Maker and a Ms. Bunny be fun to find in an Easter Basket?


I also want to heighten awareness that teaching kids to sew is a great way to create joy during these crazy times.  Leah has created an excellent free pattern with a video tutorial to make a mask.  While there are many designs available, I honestly think Leah’s is excellent and easy to make, also perfect to teach kids to sew.  If you want to make and donate to a hospital, please make sure they are willing to take such handmade masks as not all will accept.  But plenty of senior care facilities, grocery store clerks, pharmacy employees, and take out restaurants are all in need of masks and handmade masks are better than going without.  So please check out Leah’s Mask pattern and video tutorial and consider teaching your kids or grandkids to sew by making masks for these crazy times.

Here is the link for info on Leah’s mask:

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