New Dream Big Panels From Hoffman

Before I start sharing insights about the “new” Dream Big Panels, from Hoffman California Fabrics, I want to chat a little bit about the current Dream Big Panels from Hoffman California Fabrics.  These collections have all been designed by the very talented Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero and are a 100% cotton, Hoffman Spectrum Digital print.

Have you seen them?  Possibly you’ve seen how people are free-motion quilting them, or machine quilting (computerized longarm and machine embroidery), or using stencil papers to quilt them?  Always stunning.  They come in a large variety of colors  typically panels are 43″.

Here are a few colors of the Dream Big panel which have caught my attention.  Do you have a favorite color or color combination?

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There are even pre-digitized designs for longarm quilters as well as machine embroiderers:

For computerized longarm quilters, I’ve found some gorgeous design collections, created specifically for the Dream Big Panel,  from Wasatch Quilting and also from Quilter’s Niche.

For machine embroiderers, I’ve also found lovely designs from Quilter’s Niche and also from Stitch Delight.

Urban Elements has also created pantographs for longarm quilters and tearaway papers for regular quilting machines to stitch out quilting motifs on the Dream Big panels.

While many quilters finish the panel as a standalone panel, typically for a wallhanging, here is an inspirational idea for turning it into a purse or tote.  I met this woman at Road to CA 2020, but she didn’t speak much English and I don’t speak Japanese, but I think she knew how much I loved it and she was kind enough to let me take a picture of it to share with you:


There are also plenty of patterns on the Hoffman website, as well as inspirational ideas on Pinterest, to combine 2 or more of these panels, or combine with other fabrics, to make quilts.  The possibilities are endless.

The Dream Big Leaf is another collection of stunning panels, also designed by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero.

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UPDATE:  Carole (From My Carolina Home), share an excellent blog post about how she quilted this leaf panel and it is stunning. She shares plenty of closeup pictures with are inspirational.  Definitely worth checking out her post for more FMQ ideas.

Dream Big Dance  is the new design which Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero just created for Hoffman.

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Linda’s Electric Quilters recently did a live stream to showcase to reveal new Dream Big Dance & Keep Dreaming fabric panels from Hoffman.  I absolutely loved this live stream and how they showcased these new fabric panels, as well as ideas for complimenting threads.  This was my first introduction to Linda’s Electric Quilters, but I quickly became a fan.  I hope you’ll enjoy her video, as well as click-thru to check out her online shop.

You can find Linda’s Electric Quilters at:

You can find Hoffman California Fabrics at:


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  1. I have 2 I’ve purchased, and plan to make a wall hanging out of one, and piece borders for the other. They are pretty, and I can’t wait to play on my long arm. Not sure if I’ll do it free mothing myself, or get one of the digitized designs.


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