Treasure Hunt (and an easy hunt for a Giveaway?)

QuiltShopGal is always on the lookout for new books, tools, and other products packed with #CreativeGoodness.  And, to my delight, I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share insights with you about such a new book today.  Thanks to Martingale,  I’m hosting a giveaway where my blog followers, from anywhere in the world can also win a copy of this new book!

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Treasure Hunt – 13 Quilts Inspired by Antique Finds, by Linda Collins and Leah Zieber, published by Martingale is an excellent new book for quilters of all levels who are interested in the “treasure hunt” one can find shopping in antique stores, as well as those that love antique quilts and/or antique inspired quilts.  This new book is truly packed with #CreativeGoodness.



The hunt is on! Follow a team of antique-quilt mavens as they share how their search for quilts from the past turned into present-day quilt patterns. With decades of knowledge about vintage textiles between them, the authors present:


* Patterns for 13 stunning quilts, each inspired by an antique quilt from the authors’ personal collections
* Tips for finding antique quilts, both in your hometown and online
* Which quilts to snap up quickly–and which to walk away from
* How to determine if the price is right


Packed with photos of both newly made quilts (and the patterns to make them) plus images of the antique quilts that inspired them, the book shows this duo’s treasure hunting in action. Linda and Leah will inspire you to join the hunt!



Linda Collins


Quilting has been a part of my life for over 30 years. I made my first quilt for my second-born child some 30 odd years ago. I have been collecting and studying antique quilts for over 20 years. The past 10 years I’ve been publishing patterns based on my antique quilts in Australian and international magazines. Sharing my antique quilt collection through trunk shows and redesigning quilts from them are both passions that are at the very core of my being. When not traveling the world visiting friends, quilt exhibits, or museums, I divide my time between Wonga Park, Australia, and my beach house. These landscapes provide peace and inspiration aplenty.


Leah Zieber


I have been working independently with collectors and quilt historians for 20 years, cataloging and researching American quilts and textiles. I love to share my own antique quilt and textile collection and my knowledge of American quilts with guilds throughout the United States and abroad through lectures, workshops, and quilt history retreats. You can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and my web page,



First, I want to share how much I enjoyed reading the introduction to this book where Linda and Leah shared insights on their friendship, love of quilting, and their absolute love of re-creating antique quilts.  This book is filled with love and friendship.  And, treasure hunting along with quilting, are always fun ways to share time with friends!  This book also shares tips for treasure hunting, care of your antique quilts, displaying your quilts,  and more.


The 13 quilt projects in this book are absolutely lovely, each with easy to follow instructions and great visuals (all signature criteria of publishing a book by Martingale).   These projects range in size from  15 3/4″  x 27 3/4″  to  79 1/2″  x 79 1/2″ .


I also think this book would make for a great quilt guild challenge.  I think it would be fun for members to make and share projects made from designs in this book, as well as a night of sharing their finds from their own Treasure Hunts over the years, possibly a summer quilt guilt challenging encouraging all members to go have fun treasure hunting and quilting during the summer challenge!


I do hope you get a chance to check out this book at your favorite quilt shop.  But as this book was just released by Martingale, if you do not see it, let the store know that you’d like to have them make it available.  They simply may not be aware of this book and would like to hear your customer feedback.  Of course, you can also check it out online at Martingale, as well as Amazon.



This giveaway is open to my blog followers anywhere in the world, but due to postage expenses, this is the rule:  If a winner in the US is selected I will pay for “media rate” postage to send my review copy to them (they can opt to pay the difference for lst class postage if they wish).  For anyone outside of the US, they will need to pay the postage less a credit of what I would pay to send to a US winner.  Non-US winners will need to be able to pay such postage via PayPal, once they are notified they are the winner and what the postage will be.

If you wish to enter to win a copy of this book and accept the rule above, please click this link to access the Rafflecopter form to enter.  Using the random winner selection feature, within the Rafflecopter tool, I will randomly select a winner a week from today.  This post will be updated to announce the winner and I will also send them an email.

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Nancy D. An email has been sent to her to let her know she is the lucky winner of this giveaway.


You can find Martingale at:

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