Free Week @ BluPrint

QuiltShopGal just wants to heighten awareness that this week, thru January 7th, ALL classes on the BluPrint platform are now free to view.   Yes, you can stream 1,300+ creative classes and watch for free this week!  No commitment, no credit card.  They have quilting, sewing, embroidery, cooking, gardening and more creative classes for all levels!

Here are a few of my favorite classes which I have enjoyed watching (and watching and watch) and I thought you may want to watch them this week too!

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Here are a few that have caught my attention and I’m wanting to check out this week.

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For those of you who have taken online classes via BluPrint (previously known as Craftsy), what classes would you recommend to others to check out this week?  Please leave a comment on this post to share your recommendations.

This free week with BluPrint is an excellent way to check out classes you are interested in and see if you may want to purchase a specific class, to view again & again, or even better sign up for a subscription where you get access to ALL classes during your subscription to watch again and again (during your subscription) vs just for this free week.  But don’t overlook this is a free week with BluPrint – EVERY CLASS IS FREE!

You can find BluPrint at:


FULL DISCLOSURE:  QuiltShopGal is an affiliate with BluPrint.  IF you click a link from my site and make a purchase your price is the same as if you had gone directly to their site.  But I “may” receive a small fee back.  I am not an affiliate for anything I don’t personally use and can honestly recommend.  And 100% of the funds which “I might” earn go to “supplement” my postage expenses for shipping prizes.  Sadly, I haven’t earned enough as an affiliate the past year and have had to cut back on giveaways where I ship prizes to winners directly.  But I do appreciate those that remember to click such links on my blog, whenever they want to make a purchase.  It really does help me host more giveaways.

I also want to disclose that while I purchased most of my classes back when they were hosted by Craftsy and there are things that I preferred under the Craftsy platform vs the new BluPrint platform, I do think there is a really good value for the BluPrint subscriptions. Originally canceling a subscription was quite a challenge, but the process has been streamlined and is now documented on BluPrint making it easy to cancel.  You can also “pause” a subscription (e.g. vacation hold, etc) :


But don’t overlook the benefit of checking out classes on the BluPrint platform this week for free.  It really is a super deal worth taking advantage of, as well as sharing with your friends & family.

A free week with BluPrint – EVERY CLASS IS FREE!

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