NEW Ultimate Medallion Stencils, by Cindy Needham

The very talented Master Freemotion Quilter, Cindy Needham, has just released a new collection of stencils for free-motion quilting.  They are a “must have” collection for anyone who wants to make stunning wholecloth quilts, but also great to have for endless possibilities of free-motion quilting.

And, up until June 15th they are on sale (but regular price is still a deal).

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Click this link to watch a video tutorial that Cindy has created to help you create with these stencils, any size you might desire:

Be sure to check out Cindy’s blog post for more info at:

Cindy also has a sale for her entire collection of e:handbooks normally at $100 for the collection, but on sale now at her student rate of $60.  This is a steal and truly a MUST HAVE ebook collection for anyone interested in freemotion quilting.  Cindy also updates these ebooks annually and your purchase includes receipt of the annual updates for every book in this collection for life!

Oh my, this sale gets better.  She has her entire collections of ULTIMATE STENCILS ON sale too!

I ordered this new Ultimate Medallion Stencil collection and can’t wait to create with them!


Be sure to visit Cindy’s website and check out all her stencils and books.  I honestly feel they are all MUST HAVE and all at great value.

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