Playing With Stars In EQ8, a tutorial – Part 6

Today’s tutorial, aka “15 minutes of playtime with EQ8 software” is for a flexible design, which I hope you enjoy and have fun learning.  And, I hope you will share your version of what you may design using this tutorial.  Even better, if you make a table runner, or another project, based on any derivative of the design shared in this tutorial.  But the purpose is really to get in and play with your EQ software.

!5 Minutes A Day EQ8 tutorials, by QuiltShopGal star table runner series

Let the playtime begin!


Open EQ8 software and click FILE > OPEN PROJECT, on the main menu.  A window will pop up showing you a list of your recently opened project files.

Select  “EQ8 Tutorial – Star Table Runner” and click OK.  Note:  We created this file in lesson #1.  

open existing project

The PROJECT SKETCHBOOK menu will appear, but click the CLOSE button in the lower right.

project sketchbook pop up menu

In this lesson, we are going to create another Custom Quilt design and incorporate some simple 6″ star blocks with blank rectangle blocks that create rows, for a Patriotic theme design.


Click NEW QUILT. Scroll right  scroll to select CUSTOM SET custom set


Set the width of this quilt to be 48” and height to be 18”.

layout 48 x 18

Click on the BORDERS tab.  While you can add borders of any size and design to your table runner design, for purposes of this tutorial we will not use any borders.

Set all borders to 0″.

borders at 0 inches


Click on DESIGN > BLOCK TOOLS.   Select the EQ Default Variable Star.  Right Click on this block and click EDIT to open it up in the Block Worktable.  Set the block width and height to 6″.

block size to 6 inches

Click on the COLOR tab > PAINTBRUSH > select colors as designed and paint the patches, as you wish.  If you do not know how to do this, please repeat earlier lessons in this series.

Click SAVE TO SKETCHBOOK to save this 6″ block.

Click on QUILT WORKTABLE and your 48″ x 18″ custom quilt layout should appear blank.


Click on the 6″ star block you just created (should be visible in your sketchbook), hold, drag and release this block on your quilt layout.

Click on the ADJUST TOOL and click on your block.  Click, hold, drag release to place it in the upper left corner.  Note:  You can also change the size of your block using the ADJUST Block tool settings.

layout 1a

While this block is selected use your CTRL C (copy) and CTRL V (paste to create 5 more blocks.  While your ADJUST TOOL is selected you can click, hold, drag and release them to get them positioned as shown below:

patriotic quilt layout 2

We now will create three simple rectangle blocks.  To do this we can simply calculate the width of our table runner, minus the width of the block that has been placed and set the height to match the portion of the block on the left.  For this tutorial, the steps are:


Set the width = 42″ and height = 3″


Repeat the above step to create a block that is 3″ x 36″.

Repeat again, to create a block that is  6″ x 30″.


While the SET BLOCK tool is selected, click on one of the rectangle blocks you just created above.  While your block is selected, Hold, drag and release to your quilt layout.  Repeat this for the other two rectangle blocks.

Click on the ADJUST TOOL and click on one of your rectangle blocks on your quilt layout.  Use your mouse to HOLD, DRAG and RELEASE to line it up as follows:

quilt layout blank

You can now color your quilt, as desired.  While we’ve done this in several of the tutorials, the steps are:

While on the DESIGN table, click FABRIC TOOLS.  Click on your PAINTBRUSH tool and then click on a fabric, or color and click on the patch on your quilt layout that you wish to color.

You can also play with holding down your CTRL key as you paint a patch to automatically paint similar patches (give it a try, as it is quite fun & faster than painting each individually).  Here are two color ideas that I used:

Remember to click SAVE TO SKETCHBOOK!

You can stop your playtime and save your project file now, or continue with this tutorial now (or later).

How about “playing” with using a 1.5″ stripe vs the 3″ height that we used above?  To do this:


Your Sketchbook will appear and you will need to click on the BLOCKS option.  You can then use the scroll bar to view all the blocks you currently have in this sketchbook.  Click on one of the rectangle blocks which we created previously. Then click on the EDIT button.

Click on the LINE tool.  LINE TOOL

While the LINE TOOL is selected we will draw a line in the center of this rectangle square by clicking on the left side, hold and release once we reach the right side.

For the 6″ height block that line will be at the 3″ point.

split row blocks

You will then click the ADD TO SKETCHBOOK, to add this new block.  You will repeat the steps to edit both of the 3″ high blocks, drawing a line at the 1.5″ mark to split them lengthwise.

3 inch split block

Be sure to click ADD TO SKETCHBOOK, after you have modified your rectangle blocks.


Scroll to you the quilt layout that has just the stars on the quilt.

project sketchbook stars only

Click EDIT.

SET block of split rows

Select the SET BLOCK tool and click on one of the 3 split rectangle blocks in your Sketchbook.  Use your mouse to click, hold, drag and release to your quilt layout.

Click on the ADJUST tool and select your rectangle block, hold, drag and release it into the appropriate placement.

quilt layout with one rectangle block

Repeat to add the other two rectangle blocks and using the ADJUST TOOL to move them into position.  Remember to use the CTRL C and CTRL V to copy the two wider 3″ blocks and the ADJUST TOOL to help move them into place.

quilt layout with split rows colored

As shown earlier in this tutorial, you can now color your quilt, as desired.

Don’t forget to save to Sketchbook and Save your Project File, before you close EQ software.

Easy Peasy all in 15 minutes?  If by chance you do have any problems, questions, or constructive feedback on this tutorial please let me know.  You can leave a comment, or email me.  I will try to respond ASAP to help you.  And, I will use all constructive feedback to update this tutorial in hopes of making it easier for everyone to have fun with.

Here are links to my previous “15 minutes of play” time with EQ software, tutorials to learn EQ while designing a table runner:

You can find the Electric Quilt Company at:

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