Playing With Stars In EQ8, a tutorial – Part 2

Today I hope to inspire EQ users to open up their EQ8 (or any EQ SW) and “play” with it.   I’m a believer that if you play with EQ software for 15 minutes a day, you’ll quickly be amazed how much you have learned and how much creative fun you will have.

!5 Minutes A Day EQ8 tutorials, by QuiltShopGal


While there are many excellent tutorials on the Electric Quilt website, as well as various blogs, youtube, etc., I’ve committed to sharing tutorial that you can complete in 15 minutes or less.  Each tutorial exercise, in a respective series, will build on the prior tutorial.  But, you can start anywhere in the series that meets your learning needs, as well as repeat, or stop/start, as often as you wish.  I also welcome your questions and feedback.  While I’ll try to answer them directly, I’ll also use your input to revise these tutorials, as appropriate, as well as incorporate into future tutorials.

Today, we are continuing with “15-minute” tutorials for Star themed table runners.  This is part two.  You can find part one at:


Open EQ8 software and click FILE > OPEN, on the main menu.  A window will pop up

Select  “EQ8 Tutorial – Star Table Runner” and click OK.  Note:  We created this in lesson #1 last week.

open existing project

A PROJECT SKETCHBOOK window will appear.


note:  previously for this project, we’ll create a table runner that is 25″ x 63″.

For this tutorial, we are going to change it to 20″x 56″, including borders.  In future tutorials will be adjusting the size, as we create other designs.  Later, I’ll share a tutorial for a 25″ x 63″ table runner.

To adjust the size:

Click on the QUILT WORKTABLE button.

Quilt worktable

Click on the LAYOUT menu

layout menu

We are going to adjust our settings for Horizontal Layout that is 4 (blocks) x 1 (block) with Finished size of the blocks set to 12.

quilt layout

Click on the BORDERS tab and set the borders to 4″.


Now we are ready to add our desired blocks to our design.

Click on the Design tab

design option

You can now “set” blocks in your Sketchbook to your Design:


On Layer 1, of your quilt design, click on each of the four blank blocks to “set the block” to your design.  Using your mouse you click on each of the four blank blocks, to set your desired block to your quilt layout.

design mode, setting blocks

You can paint each block in your table runner design, a different block design, or “set” the same block across, as shown:

design 1 - set blocks

Now we can select fabrics (or colors) for our design.  While on the DESIGN table, click on the FABRIC TOOLS.  You can then click on any fabric (or color) which you want to use and click on the patch of your block, or border, to paint it the desired color.

select fabrics

Super easy to create a design for a simple star table runner in EQ8. I was visualizing something in blues and greys.  What colors would you use for your simple star table runner?  Possibilities are endless.

simple EQ8 design for a star table runner

Printing Yardage, blocks, and more are super easy in EQ8 software.  For example, to figure out how much of each color of fabric you need.  Click on the PRINT & EXPORT option,  then click on YARDAGE.

print and export

A pop up appears where you can change the default settings, as desired, then Click PRINT


We want to ensure we’ve saved this design to our Sketchbook as we’ll be making various designs in future “play time with EQ8” software.

Click Add to Project Sketchbook. add to sketchbook

Before you close the software, be sure to save all your work to your project.

Click FILE > SAVE PROJECT.  And you can exit your V8 software…..or continue to play.

Next week, we’ll begin to explore various ways in EQ8 that you can create your own block design (e.g. pieced, foundation, applique, merge blocks,  etc).  This includes being able to edit pre-defined block designs that come with the EQ8 software that you can edit to make your own design.


Do let me know if you have any questions or feedback on this tutorial.  I’ll try to respond to you directly ASAP, but I’ll also update this tutorial to clarify anything that might appropriate, based on your feedback.  I do want to make these tutorials easy to follow while keeping them limited to 15 minutes of playtime in EQ8.


Here is a link to the previous tutorial:

EQ8 – Table Runner – Part 1

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