Playing With Stars In EQ8, a tutorial – Part 1

Do you know that in EQ8 software there hundreds of Star blocks that come with the software?  You can also purchase 11 different star block design collections, by Judy Martin, from the EQ Boutique.

star blocks by Judy Martin

Star Power, is also a robust collection of star designs by Judy Martin that is available for purchase.  It comes with 110 blocks and 61 quilt designs!

star power

Of course, you can also design your own star blocks in EQ8 software.  Clearly, the possibilities are endless with what you can create with EQ.  What type of star would you like to create?  A pieced star, a foundation star, an applique star, pieced & applique, or how about a serendipity star?

Want to watch me design a quilt in EQ8 ?  This may become a series as I do want to create a quilt design with stars.  I have an idea in mind.  But for now, I want to play with some simple techniques and existing stars in EQ8 software.  Let’s create a table runner with star blocks of various size.

For this project, we’ll create a table runner that is 25″ x 63″.  But over the course of this “tutorial series”, I’ll show you how you can also adapt the size to fit your needs, as well as change the design to make it your own.  Each lesson in this series will not take more than “15 minutes of play time”.  I hope you’ll follow along.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions/feedback and I’ll try to respond to you ASAP, as well as use your feedback to update this tutorial to make it easier to follow.


Open your EQ8 software and click FILE > NEW PROJECT and type in “EQ8 Tutorial – Star Table Runner” as the name of your project.  Click OK to save.

EQ8 tutorial - star table runner

By default, you should be on the block worktable.  But if not, simply click the button for “block worktable” in the upper right area of your screen.

block worktable

Today, we’ll play with existing star blocks that come with our EQ8 software.

On the main menu, click LIBRARIES > BLOCK LIBRARY

main tool bar

BLOCK library 1

Click on the SEARCH button


Click on the BY NOTECARD option.  A popup will appear where we will type in “star” for our search criteria.

search criteria



Use the slider bar to view all the available pre-defined blocks for your search criteria (star).  Simply click, hold, drag, release the slider bar, as desired.

slider bar

While you can click to select any/all of these blocks and add them to your Current Sketchbook, for this tutorial we’ll select specific blocks.  We’ll click on each of these blocks, followed by clicking the Add to Sketchbook button.

  • LeMoyne Star (available in your 01 Classic Pieced > Eight-Pointed Stars)
  •  Stars & Beams (available in your 02 Contemporary Pieced > New Stars)
  • Eight-Pointed Star (available in your 01 Classic Pieced > Nine Patch Stars)
  • 12 Pointed Star (available in your 01 Classic Pieced > Stars )


Another way to find these blocks:

Click EQ Block Library

Click the SEARCH button and type in the name of the block.

search for blocks


Remember you click the block you are interested in and then add to Sketchbook button.

add to sketchbook



current sketchbook


We now have our selected pre-defined stars in our current sketchbook to use in our project.   But if you find other star blocks that you want to use, feel free to add them to your Current Sketchbook and incorporate your block preferences for this tutorial.

On the main menu, remember to click FILE > SAVE PROJECT to save what we’ve done in this phase of our tutorial.

I hope you will use this as a learning exercise and perform the above steps in your “15 minutes of play” with EQ8 software this week.  Next week, we’ll work on creating a table runner design using these star blocks (or your favorite blocks).

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have questions or any feedback on this simple tutorial.   And, check back next week for part 2 of this tutorial series.  I’m shooting to release these tutorials for “15 minutes of EQ playtime” every Monday.   I hope you find them short & fun, as I want to encourage everyone to spend time playing with your EQ software.  You’ll be amazed by my approach of spending 15 minutes a day how much you will learn in a very short time.  And, I think you’ll have fun too!

3 thoughts on “Playing With Stars In EQ8, a tutorial – Part 1

    1. First, I’m glad you pursued my tutorial and provided feedback. My apologies about the blocks not being in the standard library. I thought they were, but I will go back to confirm a selection that is truly from the library. Either way, this exercise is fine to use your own blocks. More soon.


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