Special Invite for Machine Embroiders – Freebies, Fun, Giveaways & a Party

Machine embroidery is a great way to be creative.  You can make things to wear, to decorate your home, to give as gifts, etc.  And, many machine embroidery enthusiasts make things to sell.  Thus, for some, machine embroidery (ME) is a great way to make money with your skills.  Possibly you see designs you like, but you don’t have an embroidery machine?  Well, check out my Facebook page as I have a list where you can find others that are willing to do machine embroidery for others (usually at a very reasonable price).

Today I want to share insights about loads of fun and freebies for those that enjoy machine embroidery.  Some are available now and some will be coming very soon.  I hope you will share with all your friends who enjoy machine embroidery too!

Nicola Elliot is a talented sketch artist who also does machine embroidery digitizing of her sketches, allowing any machine embroiderer to stitch out these designs for your own use, for gifts, or even to sell these works of art (you just can’t sell or give away her digitized design, but you can sell the projects you create with her designs.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/picturestitchtarget

Nicola is also very generous and has many freebies you  can download from her site, as well as various websites on the internet.  Here is one called the  Aurifil Thread Fairy, which you can also download for free.


For those on Facebook, who join Nicola’s has a group “Picturestitch Machine Embroidery ( Nicola Elliott Designs)” that is oodles of fun and filled with inspiration.  You’ll be the first to learn about new designs, as well as freebies.  And, when Nicola hosts a Facebook group live chat, attendees get plenty of chances to win free designs of their choice!  While Nicola is currently recovering from surgery, there are plans to have a party when she reaches 6k members in this group (super close as of today).


I hope you’ll join the Picturestitch Machine Embroidery ( Nicola Elliott Designs) on Facebook and invite all your friends who enjoy machine embroidery too!

Be sure to check out her website to see all her beautiful designs.  Here are just a few:

I have previously shared insights about Picturestitch here   and here.

You can find PictureStitch at:

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