F&W Media – Bankruptcy Risk to Designers and Subscribers (McCalls Quilting, Quiltmaker, Love of Quilting, etc).



FW Media is a large corporation that owns 42 Brands.  Many quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts will recognize the following:

  • Interweave
  • The Quilting Company
  • McCalls Quilting
  • Quiltmaker
  • Quilting Arts
  • Love of Quilting
  • Sew News
  • Fons & Porter


Sadly, FW Media has filed for bankruptcy.  Their goal is to continue to operate while trying to sell off its assets by May/June.  Proceeds of the sales will help pay off debtors, but the company will no longer exist.

A complete list of creditors, many of whom include designers who have yet to be paid for the work that they submitted (and most likely already published).  Click here to view this list.

For subscribers, it is unclear (but doubtful) tht future magazine issues will be published.

QuiltShopGal remains hopeful that FW Media will find a way to survive and continue to publish quilting magazines (and other creative magazines) and more, in the future.  If not, I hope that a buyer of these magazines will be found and they will continue to be published in the future.  At a minimum, I hope the talented designers who created unique designs and wrote patterns for these magazines will be paid.  Many depend on these funds as a source of income.


For more info on this bankruptcy, you may want to read:


QuiltShopGal also wants to recognize Bea Lee of Beaquilter for calling my attention to this story.

5 thoughts on “F&W Media – Bankruptcy Risk to Designers and Subscribers (McCalls Quilting, Quiltmaker, Love of Quilting, etc).

  1. The Homogenizing and/or conglomerate ownership of the craft industry (quilting in particular and woodworking) has caused some problems. While bringing many arms together, it has also eliminated whole sections or reduced them with huge broad strokes that affected everyone the same (Bluprint/Crafty recent house cleaning). The unfortunate part of both is when it fails, it fails big. However, we now have a void and opportunities for new print media and online media. Although I am not sure really need any more ‘online’…


  2. This is sad news for all the contributors to these magazines as well as the readers. I love my quilting magazines and I had purchased digital products from f+w that I enjoyed using! Sad that the business people got hold of craft publications – I don’t think they understand the creative process! You cannot just throw and amalgamate without knowing the heart and soul of your consumers!


  3. A sad state of affairs. Business that gets too big, and forgets that the little people are the one’s who gave them success, and should be the focal point of their business. I try hard to support local businesses. Without the little guy, we all lose.


  4. It’s so sad and yet they keep on working and business as usual, we’ll see what happens, maybe they just need a good restructuring and come out fine at the end!?


  5. How many times do we see this happening? A big shot buys up a lot of companies and then it all goes to “hell-in-a-handbasket” when the owner makes it implode and they make out like a bandit! It’s ruining the market and the lives involved.


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