Martingale – March Giveaway Sponsor

What do you think about the arrival of March?  Possibly you think of cheerful fabrics and quilts which you want to use to brighten up your home?


Or maybe you think of all the good fortune you have.  After all, quilters are lucky – we get to play with fabric!  Would it be better if QuiltShopGal hosted monthly and seasonal giveaways for my followers for the rest of the year?  Feeling lucky?


To my absolute delight today I want to announce that starting today and monthly for the rest of the year, I will be hosting giveaways.  And, we’ll also have special giveaways to welcome the arrival of all the seasons.  These giveaways are for my followers, whom I so appreciated.

I also appreciate all the generous sponsors who are donating amazing prizes for these giveaways.  Here are some of these sponsors (more to be announced soon):

And, to kick off all these giveaways, today I get to share that our March Sponsor is Martingale and they’ve donated three books packed with #CreativeGoodness and QuiltShopGal will ship to one lucky winner, anywhere in the world!



Patchwork Loves Embroidery Too – 14 Delightful Handmade Treasures, by Gail Pan

book reviews-001


Patchwork Loves Embroidery Too – 14 Delightful Handmade Treasures, by Gail Pan is a “must have” book for every fan of Gail Pan, but also an excellent book for anyone interested in creating beautiful stitchery projects for your home, or to give as gifts.   The 15 adorable projects in this book all come with easy to follow instructions and great visuals, including the stitchery  design that you can transfer to fabric.  Plus, Gail wrote a “general” section that makes this book perfect for beginner stitchers too!


A Prairie Journey – Small Quilts That Celebrate the Pioneer Spirit, by Kathleen Tracy

book reviews-002


A Prairie Journey is a very unique book.  I’ll confess I’ve personally collected quilt books that capture history.  Kathleen Tracey does a great job sharing stories and photographs about those that took the journey across the prairie lands, in search of a new life.   The 13 petite quilts in this book certainly bring us back to the era of a classic quilt, where you can stitch in love to these projects to incorporate into your home, or give as gifts.  In keeping with Martingale’s standard for publishing, each project has easy to follow instructions with great visuals.  This book is perfect for quilters of all levels. It is truly a treasure that stands out among quilting books, as well as historical quilting books.


Table-runner Roundup – 13 Quilted Projects to Spice Up Your Table, compiled by Amelia Johanson

book reviews-003


All of the projects in this book are stunning and come with easy to follow instructions and great visuals.  Each would make a great table-runner for your home, a picnic, not to mention make for an excellent gift.  These are fun and festive designs, which I believe could easily become “go to” designs when you need a quick project to make.  And, when you consider the cost of a stand alone pattern, this book is an exceptional value.



One lucky winner, anywhere in the world, will win not just one, but all of these books.  QuiltShopGal will ship these books directly to the lucky winner.

Blog followers can enter to win this giveaway, click the link below to use the Rafflecopter form.  It only takes one entry to win, but for those that like more opportunities, there are a few ways to get extra entries.  QuiltShopGal will be using the rafflecopter widget to randomly select and announce the lucky winner on March 15th 17th.  Of course, I do appreciate PR Angels who help to share and increase awareness of this giveaway.

click here to use the  Rafflecopter form to enter this giveaway


QuiltShopGal will also update this post and send an email to the lucky winner after they are randomly selected. Don’t forget QuiltShopGal will ship this prize directly, to any blog follower WW.

UPDATE:  Rafflecopter randomly selected the winner and they have been notified by email.  Congratulations to Kathie L.


You can find Martingale at:

martingale logo


6 thoughts on “Martingale – March Giveaway Sponsor

  1. Thanks for your generosity! And your sponsors generosity. Love the photo of the man with all the bundles…so much color!


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