Organizational Ideas for Quilting Stencils

Quilting Stencils are fun to use to mark quilt tops for quilting, but how do you store them?  Today, I want to share a few organizational ideas, for quilting stencils.  But, I also hope if you have any ideas, that you’ll leave a comment to share with all of us.

One approach is to use a skirt hanger, to hang your stencils in a closet.

skirt hanger

When it comes to stencil collections, Master Freemotion Quilter Cindy Needham has the absolutely largest collection of stencils I’ve ever seen.  Of course, she has designed quilting stencils for years, and her newest “Ultimate Stencil” collections are “must have” stencils for any quilter starting out with FMQ, as well as those that want endless possibilties of creativity with FMQ and their quilts!  Years ago, I fell in love with her collection, as well as how she keeps them organized.  She went leaps and beyonds beyond the idea of using a skirt hanger.

Cindy uses a portable clothes rack (like what you can find on Amazon)


And she uses the June Tailor “Rule Your Ruler” rings to organize her quilting stencils and hang on the portable clothing rack.  Of course you could also use this to organize your rulers, and other notions.  But to me, I like to dream of having enough quilting stencils (like Cindy Needham) to fill up a clothing rack.  It is the ultimate organizing tool for a quality collection of quilting stencils.

june tailor rule your rulers

Oh, if you ever want to see Cindy’s collection of stencils (probably part of her collection) sign up for one of her quilting retreats.  Depending on the retreat, she’ll bring her collection of stencils, on her portable clothing rack, and all the attendees get to “use her” stencils at this fun event.  For those interested, here is a link to her current list of retreats that she is hosting (but you can also talk to your local guild or quilt shop, to give a workshop or retreat in your area.   And, see if the logistics might work for her to bring some of her stencils.  But don’t forget, at a minimum, you should consider getting her Ultimate Stencil Collections for you to use all the time (I love mine).

My approach, which has worked well for me for many years, has been to use inexpensive plastic Art Portfolios.  I did a search online and couldn’t find anything like mine, but there were other versions.  I think I paid about $10 for mine, several years ago.


It is very durable and holds my large and small stencils.


BTW – I was in my plastic Art Portfolio to pull out a couple of stencils from Cindy Needham’s Ultimate Stencil Collection, for a current project.  Once again, I’m happy to use them, as I alwys love the results.  The project I’m working on has some freehand FMQ, but there are areas that just call out for these stencils.  I’ll share more later, so you can see what I’m talking about.  But I’m glad I was able to quickly put my hands on these stencils, as they were well organized in my simple Art Portfolio case, stored in the closet of my little sewing room.


Don’t forget, if you have any tips for organizing your quilting stencils, I hope you’ll leave a comment to share.  And, if you have photos you can share, please share on my facebook page:


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One thought on “Organizational Ideas for Quilting Stencils

  1. I like the binder rings, the larger ones, about 2-3″ diameter, that snap closed. Office supply places carry them, and they are inexpensive. I can slide the stencil around, snap the ring open, and remove it. I guess it’s similar to the one you mentioned, but without the hook. I just hang my ring on a wall hook or cup hook where they fit.


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