#SpeakKindness #QuiltKindness: Carolina Hurricane Quilts Update


You may be aware that Carole of From My Carolina Home issued a call for Quilts (finished, tops, blocks – now needs more longarmers) to ultimately give as an act of kindness to victims of the September 2018 Hurricane Florence and aftermath.   Today, I’m wanting to heighten awareness that there is still a need for help and I’m hopeful you’ll help share awareness, encouraging all your quilting friends to help you and others in this act of kindness.

I’m sure many of these victims just had the worst Christmas they ever had and are still struggling with the basic steps of recovery (food, clothing, shelter), whereas others are focusing on repairs.  Ultimately, I hope and pray that many will be able to re-build and return to their homes, or settle in new homes, in 2019.  That they receive kind words of encouragement and support along the way to recovery, as well as acts of kindness by various ways, including much needed quilty hugs of comfort.



Here are a few updated facts that Carole shared with me:  Over 4500 homes have been totally destroyed and more than 700,000 homes have sustained damage mainly by flooding.

Carole also shared that, as you might guess, a lot of quilts are needed.  We are asking for twin, full or queen size quilts, as the need is so great that each household can only receive one quilt.  Likely most will not receive a quilt at all unless we have a huge response to this project (Carolina Hurricane Quilt Proejct).  The project will continue through summer of 2019, so there is plenty of time to make and ship, or drop off a quilt.  More longarm quilters are needed to help.

Carole has a few longarm quilters (more are needed) that have volunteered to quilt donated tops with backing.  Some batting has also been donated.  She can also match you up with a longarmer if you have a flimsy quilt top and backing to donate.

I hope you will click thru to check out her blog today, as she is releasing a post with an update on what the needs are, as well as various ways you can help. Don’t forget PR Angels are really important, so if you can’t help with quilting, you can still make a big difference as a PR Angel. Consider sharing this call for quilts with your quilt guild, your local quilt shop, your quilting friends, etc..   Remember, at this point longarm quilters are desperately needed as are finished quilts (no more need for donating quilt blocks, but if you have flimsy quilt tops.backs to donate she can match you up with a longarmer to send your donation directly to).

Kind hearts, creative hands can make a big difference in the lives of people who have gone thru such natural disasters as the Carolina Hurricanes & flooding.

There are certainly many worthy needs from around the world.  I know quilters speak words of kindness, stitch words of kindness, donate quilts from their heart to help others.  Thus, to kickstart 2019, I hope the need to help with the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project calls out to you to help.  If you don’t have time to help, I think Carole would also use any donation to help with postage expenses for those quilts that her small Army of Kind Longarmers are quilting and need to ship to appropriate coordinators in the Carolinas, who will distribute these quilts of love (and hugs) to those that were impacted by the hurricane and severe flooding.  Please reach out to Carole if you can help.  Help spread Kindness!




You can find Carole of From My Carolina Home at:


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