A Handmade Christmas – Gift Ideas #12 of 12 – Tablerunners & Placemats

One of the most popular handmade gifts for Christmas may be tablerunners and placements.  They are perfect to decorate our home for the holidays, as well as give for gifts.  While they always look great in seasonal theme fabrics, making them super fun for Christmas, they also make excellent gifts in just about any fabric and color scheme.
quiltshopgal top 12 favorite tutorials for christmas gifts

Here are some inspirational table runners, toppers and placemats which would certainly help decorate your home for the holidays, as well as make for excellent Christmas gifts:

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Here are my favorite free patterns and tutorials for tablerunners and placemats:

Connie of Freemotion By The River has an excellent tutorial for a table runner with Christmas Trees that would not only be great at Christmas, but definitely all Winter, if not longer.  Be sure when you check out this tutorial by Connie you check out her blog.  She has many wonderful tutorials for the holidays and more, as well as beautiful patterns which sells for a very reasonable price.


Melissa of Polka Dot Chair has a easy to follow tutorial to make a tablerunner filled with good cheer:


AccuQuilt has the cutest table topper called GO! Reindeer Dance Table Topper and they have a free downloadable pattern for it too!  Don’t these Reindeer just make you want to dance?


This beautiful Christmas Table Topper was made using a free tutorial by Marina of Patchwork Geometry:


Just Carol’s Pattern Store on Craftsy has a stunning Christmas Table runner that is free to download.  I also think it would be easy to incorporate these ornament blocks into placemats for Christmas.


Whistlepig Creek has an easy to follow tutorial for Christmas Placemats that could also be a great stash buster, even a design which would be easy to adapt as a tablerunner.


I also love the possibilities of endless creativity with this free printable Christmas Placemats, by KidSpark.  While they certainly could be fun printed on paper, I think the design transferred to fabric and giving kids (even adults) fabric coloring pens, could be great fun and entertainment at Christmas.  Certainly makes for an interesting gift.


I’d also recommend the Sulky Permanent Iron-On Transfer Pen to mark the shapes on these designs, then simply use an iron to transfer them to fabric.  I love this pen when I need to permanently transfer a design to fabric.

sulky permanent transfer pen

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 12 Favorite tutorials and free pattern (categories) for making handmade items for your home, as well as for gifts.  While Christmas is just days away, there is still time to make handmade gifts.  Here is a list of my Favorites, which I’ve already shared:

3 thoughts on “A Handmade Christmas – Gift Ideas #12 of 12 – Tablerunners & Placemats

  1. Darlene,
    Thank you for your efforts to gather such a wide variety of patterns for all kinds of Christmas gifts. I will come back to them later when things aren’t quite so hectic.


    1. Hi Cheryl. The fabric transfer pen is quite interesting. Think of any outline that you might want to transfer to fabric, possibly a kids coloring book. You use the pen to draw on top of the outline in the coloring book. You then place that fabric, ink side down, on your fabric and press with a hot iron. I imagine the possibilities are endless, but for me, I then used Inktense color pencils to color in the areas that the outline marked on the fabric.



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