Do You Like A Challenge ? Does Fabric Speak To You?

Henry Glass Fabrics always has wonderful fabrics which often speak to me.  Do fabrics speak to you?

Day Dreamers, by Kate Mawdsley certainly seems purrfect to create with.  I hear it purring, can you?


Coastal Paradise, by Barb Tourtillotte speaks calming words to me with fun and adventure.44815475_2010452209012299_4356240390366429184_o

Henry Glass Fabrics has a wonderful collection of fabrics from an amazing lineup of talented designers  where the possibilities to create are endless.    Do you have a favorite collection of Henry Glass Fabrics which speaks to you to create?

They also have an inspirational blog, which you can also easily follow via My Creative Blog List (my favorite blog following site), or any blog following tool that you prefer.  They host challenges every month, where the showcase a particular fabric line and a lucky participant is challenged to create  whatever they want to with that fabric, if they are selected.   QuiltShopGal certainly enjoys following their blog.

The “My Sunflower Garden” fabric collection by Jane Shasky was showcased in the October Desire to Inspire Challenge.  This beautiful collection includes prints with sunflowers, butterflies, bees, leaves and various background prints in gorgeous colors.

Desire to Inspire Challenge (15)

Does this fabric collection speak to you? To me, it says comfort, relax, joy, nature, love, etc..

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QuiltShopGal signed up for the challenge and was thrilled to be accepted, where I original thought about a table scape, with a table runner, placemats and napkins, with a fresh bouquet of sunflowers in the center.  When the fabric arrived, it called for me to make a cheerful quilt.  I decided to use the soon to be officially released CutRiteTM 60° Diamond 9” Finished Template Set (the entire line of new CutRiteTM templates will be released at Fall Market  (booth #2320) & Quilt Festival (booth #1046) in November by Quilters Paradise.

IF you want to see what I created with this fabric, check out this link to the Henry  Glass Fabrics blog:

This quilt will be donated to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project, organized by  Carole of From My Carolina Home.  Carole and friends made many quilts for the Thomas Fire victims in California last year.  She is now asking for help in making quilt blocks (or quilt tops, or finished quilts) for the Carolina Hurrricane victims.   For more info on how you can help:

Want to learn how I used EQ8 software to design this quilt, the new CutRiteTM templates, or how you can help with the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project, check back.  Over the next couple of days I’ll be sharing more insights.  As we get closer to Fall Market, I’ll also be sharing sneak peeks about other new products that will be introduced at Market.

Be sure to check out the November Desire to Inspire Challenge, hosted by Henry  Glass Fabrics.  This challenge showcases a beautiful collection of fabrics designed by Kim Diehl and her daughter Molly Diehl, called “Bumble Garden”.  Maybe this collection speaks to you and you want to participate in their November Challenge.

Desire to Inspire Challenge (16) (1)

You can find Henry Glass Fabrics at:



8 thoughts on “Do You Like A Challenge ? Does Fabric Speak To You?

  1. I’m so glad you were chosen. Your design is lovely, makes the fabric sing, and is for a wonderful cause. I loved the intro, too, where it said you were a big time famous blogger (and I’m honored to be a friend!). Great job.


  2. Your quilt looks absolutely amazing. Love the colours. Great challenge they are running over there. Pity the shipping to farther away places makes it hard to participate…they have got such nice fabric lines


  3. I love all the fabric lines. Your quilt is beautiful and will certainly put a smile on someone’s face! I can’t afford to send a quilt, but I did slip a few blocks into the mail.


  4. Oh what a fabulous design and fabrics. You are amazing, you used the EQ8, a new ruler and the quilt turned out so wonderful! You did it in such a way as to showcase each fabric. Great job!!


  5. I am not often interested in an entire line of fabrics… but maybe one or two… in the line, and generally not the focus print, but mostly the supporting prints… Of course currently… not buying any fabrics at the moment… too busy with 1’s and 0’s lately!!! But your Quilt looks fabulous!!!


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