Meet Violet, by Beam n Read (and a Giveaway Too!)

Today I’m sharing insights about Beam n Read personal lights, helping to introduce a new light called “Violet”, as well as  host a giveaway where you could win your own Violet!

To start, I want you to think about when the power may have gone off and you’ve wanted to continue to be crafty, read a book, or simply see in the dark.  Hopefully you’ve never had to experience a power outage and simply like the idea of a personal light to help you be creative (or even read, or walk around in the dark) when there simply isn’t sufficient night time lighting.

The Beam n Read lights honestly puts out so much light you can happily be creative, even in the dark!  Here is a picture of my sister-in-law very happily knitting in the dark, with a Beam n Read personal light providing perfect lighting.  She truly loves her Beam n Read!


With all the times we have power outages, I think there could be a big benefit for everyone to have their own Beam n Read!  Seriously, there is safety by having a personal light source, as well as greater pleasure for reading, knitting, sewing, quilting, etc., in the dark.  They also very helpful for situations where evening lighting may not provide sufficient lighting to read, be crafty, etc..  Don’t overlook that they also make great gifts and available at a very reasonable price..  You can find them in premier quilt shops, Amazon, as well as online at Beam n Read/ASF Lightware Solutions.

You may know about the Beam n Read 6 LED and 3 LED personal lights which come in black:

Well, this summer, Beam n Read/ASF Lightware Solutions introduced a new 6 LED Beam n Read light, with thePantone Color of the Year – Ultra-Violet.



Violet is a 6 LED Beam n Read, with all the features of the original black 6 LED.  I think she is absolutely gorgeous and such a cheerful a color.


Absolutely perfect those that love the color violet.  And, I think it is a “must have” for any quilter, knitter, or sewing enthusiast that is also a member of the Red Hat Society.


Violet is a new to the Beam n Read product family, but it is not yet determined how long wholesale orders can be placed.    It was initially made available, this summer, with a limited supply manufacturing run which sold out quickly and more have been made.  But stores that place their wholesale orders sooner than later will be able to offer beautiful Violet Beam n Read units to their customers.  I hope you will let your favorite quilt shop know that you’d like them to make Violet available in their store.  Wholesale orders can be placed through E.E. Schenck Co., who will also be at Fall Quilt Market in booth #1414.

To clarify, you can find the original black Beam n Read personal lights premier quilt shops, Amazon, as well as online at Beam n Read/ASF Lightware Solutions.  But the new Violet model will only be available for purchase, for a limited time, through retail shops that place orders via E.E. Schenck Co..

Already have a black Beam n Read personal light?  Trust me, Violet is so cute you deserve another Beam n Read.  And don’t forget the benefits when the power goes out and there isn’t any light, besides all the hours in a day where there simply isn’t good natural lighting.


To enter, simply claim one or more options using the rafflecopter form below.  I’ll randomly select the lucky winner after Quilt Market wraps up November 5th.  I’ll send them an email to let them know, as well as update this post.   ASF Lighting Solutions will be shipping this prize to the winner, who is a resident of the US or Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE:  Congratulations to the lucky winner – Allison C.


You can find Beam n Read / ASF Lightware Solutions at:

21 thoughts on “Meet Violet, by Beam n Read (and a Giveaway Too!)

  1. Great ideas! I recently redid my back deck, and would love to read out there. I had thought I could only use a tablet, but with this, would be able to read a book at night, while relaxing in the comfortable chair and enjoying the stars and crickets chirping.


  2. I think the Beam and Read would be great for using while doing hand work…especially those of us with older eyes!


  3. I’ve just started do cross stitch again and this would be a great help. Thanks for sharing the links.


  4. These are great tools! I’ve used one before and found them very helpful for doing handiwork in poor lighting.


  5. I love an LED light to work by for cross-stitch, crochet, knitting – all my crafts! Living in South Mississippi, where a hurricane will put us lights out, this is a major plus – love the violet color too, so pretty! Thank you, Susan


  6. I would love to have a Beam and Read to give to my friend who has difficulty with her vision, esp at night. And it would be a great thing to have on had when the power goes out. Thanks!


  7. I can see this as an anywhere you need extra light tool. I have challenged vision so I am always in need of extra light.


  8. I would use it for quilting and cross stitch when traveling. I love the violet color! Thanks for the chance to win one!


  9. I had to use a headlamp to try to stitch in the car this weekend. I use a floor lamp while watching TV, but, it bother’s our son. This would be great! It would also match my purple Featherweight.


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