Call For Quilty Hugs For Carolina Hurricane Victims – How You Can Help!

Hurricane Florence hit Carolina in September , but those impacted will feel the impact for many years to come.  Sadly, the Death toll has risen to 51 people.  Loss of life is always sad, but so many people were also flooded out of their homes and business.   Early estimates to rebuild are staggering – $18.5 billion, damage primarily caused by flooding and strong winds.  Clearly, those impacted need some really good quilty hugs to provide a little comfort and let them know they are not going thru this alone.

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Carole (From My Carolina Home) fortunately survived the Carolina Hurricane.  She has always been passionate about helping others and is now calling for help to make quilts for those impacted by Hurricane Florence. And, she can use your help where you can donate blocks, tops, even finished quilts all using the same Perkioment Block which was used to make quilts for the Thomas Fire Victims in California.


Carole is asking for donation of Perkioment Block ( 12.5″ block -12″ finished), or maybe you can use this block to make a top or a finished quilt, to donate.  This block design is a great scrap buster and can be used to create a variety of layouts, to make interesting quilts, which you could use just about any quilting fabric and color combination, but contrasts does work best.  For those making blocks, for Carole to coordinate together to make tops, she is asking that you use rich jewel tones or earth tones, with a strong contrast between lights and darks really provided the most interest and sharpest lines.

While there isn’t yet a deadline to send her blocks, tops, or finished quilts, she is hopeful that you can start making your blocks now and for those that will be sending blocks, to send them to her by the end of October, so she can start combining them to make quilt tops and ultimately finished quilts to be donated to victims of Hurricane Florence.

Carole has created a pdf that you can download for more info on these 12 1/2″ blocks

Pdf download – Carolina Hurricane Quilts

While there have been a lot of people helping those impacted by Florence, more help is still needed.  This was a devastating hurricane that has significantly impacted communities and lives will be forever changed.  Many are still homeless, many are struggling to recover what was lost, as well as deal with insurance (even no-insurance situations).  I hope you can help make quilt blocks, quilt tops, or quilts to send much needed quilty hugs to those impacted by Florence.

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For more info on Carole’s efforts to make Carolina Hurricane quilts::

Help is also needed to rally quilt guilds, quilt shops, and other quilting groups to pitch in and help.  It would be wonderful if you can talk with your quilt guild board, contacts at your local quilt shops, or any quilting friendship group that you may have contacts with to see if they are willing to help pitch in and help!  Let’s spread the word and send much needed quilty hugs to Carolina.   Maybe you can also rally your quilting friends for a sit-n-sew to help!

Don’t forget these blocks are simple and fun 12 1/2″ blocks (12″ finished) that are also great stash busters.  Just be sure if you are making blocks, that you follow Carole’s requests for colors, to help your blocks work well with other blocks, to make a beautiful comforting quilt when finished.

To clarify, Carole is asking for blocks that have high contrast.  For your blocks, try to keep the lights pure white tone on tones, ecru prints, and very light beige prints.  Try to stay away from tan or browns in the lights, use those colors for the darks.  Mix colors in the blocks, as that looks best in the overall quilt with blocks from all over.  Click here for more info.

Debbie (Stitchin’ Therapy) also recently shared insights about Carole’s call for blocks, tops & quilts, as well as a call for quilts by “Quilts of Compassion”, a group which is also collecting quilts for Florence victims.

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