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I just learned about an upcoming new online workshop that looks like it is packed with #CreativeGoodness and it is FREE!   I signed up and thought you might also like to sign up.  Possibly others in your family, as well as friends, so feel free to share this post.  I also think this might be a good class for mature kids to do on their own, or feasibly as a family activity.


Here is some information from the host of this workshop:

This workshop is meant to fill you up with fresh inspiration, new ideas, and lots of momentum as we explore different ways a sketchbook can be the portal into your creative practice.

The workshop officially begins April 23rd and runs through May 4th. Each day you’ll get an email with links to the two sessions of the day. The artists leading the sessions will share their passions for creating in a sketchbook with everything from ink, to watercolor and mixed media, and also how sketchbooks can be tools for recording daily life, developing personal style, connecting with intution, emotional well being, and so much more.


{above} by Barbara Perez

You’re free to do as many of the sessions as you’d like, from all to just a couple, whatever serves you best. 

**All sessions will be available until May 18th so there is plenty of time.

To help you get ready for the workshop, here are 2 steps you can take now.

1. Join the Sketchbook Revival Facebook Group – The Sketchbook Revival Facebook Group will be our virtual gathering place. You’ll be able to meet other creatives from around the world and connect with the session guides. Use this welcoming space to share insights and ask questions. This is completely optional and not a requirement for participating in the workshop.

2. Gather your art supplies – The sessions come with a recommended list of supplies to help you get ready. If you don’t have the exact supplies on the list for each session do not worry. You’ll absolutely be able to use whatever supplies you have on hand and still enjoy the session.


{above} sketch by Daphne Doodle

To get you started, here is a general list of things that could be helpful to have available. 

A sketchbook or paper: preferably a heavier paper or mixed media paper so it will work well
with all types of art materials. 

Drawing materials: graphite pencil, charcoal pencil, permanent black ink marker with a fine tip, colored markers (water soluble and regular), colored pencils, oil or chalk pastels, crayons, india ink, black and white paint pen, white gel pen. 

Painting materials: a small set of watercolors, a few colors of acrylic paint, gesso, brushes from fine to medium, gesso spreader, stencils, things for making texture (bubble wrap, burlap, etc.).

Collage materials: a few magazines, paper scraps, scissors, glue stick, carbon paper.

Book making materials: assorted paper, dental floss, bone folder, awl, large needle, fusible, cotton fabric, iron.

Other: paper towel, compass, ruler.



{above} Sketch by Debby Rutherford

For more information about this FREE Sketchbook Revival Workshop, as well as to sign up, click this link:

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