Safelight Project – A Call For Help


Today, I want to heighten awareness of a great charity project that could use your help.  And, there are several easy ways you can help make a difference for a great cause.

Carole From My Carolina Home is coordinating filling bags with purchased and a few key handmade items, for a women’s shelter in North Carolina (Safelight Project).   These beautiful bags are filled goodies that certainly would make any woman, arriving in a shelter, feel welcome and special.

Safelight Project Bags 14

Carole also provided a free tutorial to make an easy cosmetic case and sunglasses case, in matching fabric.  You could help her fill the bags with these handmade items, by making a set of these handmade items in matching fabrics from your stash very quickly.


To add a heartwarming touch, handmade cards with words of encouragement are also being added to these bags.  Possibly you can help out by making a handmade card to be included in a bag.

My Safelight Cards at From My Carolina Home 7

Funds are also needed to help purchase items to fill these bags.  Possibly you can spare a donation of $5 (or more) to help.

This is really a great project to help the Safelight Project welcome these women when they arrive at the shelter, to make them feel special.  And, these women often arrive with out the personal items included in these bags (e.g. a hairbrush, shampoo, cream rinse, moisterizer, sunglasses, makeup, etc.).  This is a way to help a women at a time where she does not have family or friends to help her.  Such a gesture is a heartfelt act of kindness.

For more information about this project and how you can help click here:

I also want to heighten awareness about The Sacred Sewing Room, a non-profit program that does sewing room/craft room makeovers in women’s shelters:

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