The Unexpected

I love to see talented people make money with their skills, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to encourage creative people to pursue such a path.  I also love it when businesses offer scholarhips, fellowships, etc., that help provide assistance that can really kick start a career for such talented people.  Sadly, I feel these opportunities are far and few between, thus often being an unexpected opportunity that can make an amazing difference in launching such a career.  Not that you can’t become sucessful without such an opportunity, but certainly they are a huge help. And, while I dream of more opportunities sponsored by those in the business, I vow to continue to heighten awareness of such opportunities, and encourage talented people to pursue making money with their skills.

Today, I want to heighten awareness of an annual Designer Felllowship program, as well as encourage everyone to take a minute to vote for their favorite of the top ten candidates this year.  A minute of your time and your vote could make a difference in the future of a talented quilter!

Every year Craftsy offers a Designer Fellowship where the winner receives great PR visibility, cash, and various prizes (e.g. sewing machine, a booth at Quilt Market, etc).    Here is the link for more info on the 2018 finalists and where you can place your vote for your favorite:

I also want to heighten awareness of a new and amazing deal with Craftsy.  While I’ve  been a big fan and long time member of craftsy, where I’ve enjoyed many amazing classes with talented designers and teachers, for every class on the Craftsy platform I’ve taken (I love how I can watch at my liesure and repeat as often as I desire), Crafty has also created Craftsy “Unlimited”, where you can purchase a membership that allows you to participate in ANY class, as often as you wish, during your membership.

I’ll confess I was skeptical at first about the “unlimited” membership, but I’ve come to see plenty of benefits.  But to my surprise and delight, they currently have a special where you can get a year of Craftsy Unlimited, a free quilt kit, and a ton of perks, all for $120!  US orders only.  Click the image below for more info.

The Ultimate Quilting Package - Only $120 at! Get a year of Craftsy Unlimited, a free quilt kit and tons of perks, all for only $120!


I also want to disclose that I am an affiliate of Craftsy.  Should you click thru a link on my site and make a purchase on Craftsy your price would be the same that you would pay elsewhere, but for some purchases a small fee may be credited back to me.  Those funds I use to help supplement expenses for shipping prizes for giveaways, as well as prizes for challenges that I host.  You may have noticed that such giveaways/events have diminished, but that is a result I simply can’t afford to ship the prizes.  While I honestly love Craftsy and find great deals when I purchase fabrics & notions from their online store, as well as their online classes, I still hate “promoting” in general.  But, I can’t afford to host giveaways/challenges with prizes, if I don’t find a way to offset the shipping costs.  My personal quilting budget simply can’t afford it.  So, please know, I do appreciate those that remember to click thru links on my site when making a purchase at an affiliate that I support.  I also only maintain affiliate relationships for businesses where I personally shop and enjoy their products and service.

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