Vintage Sewing Machines Can Be Timeless When You Have the Right Knowledge

When it comes to Timeless tools for sewing and/or quilting, Vintage Sewing Machines are on the top of my list.  For those lucky individuals that own a Vintage Sewing Machine, the trick is knowing how to maintain them, as few are lucky enough to have a person in their area that they can pay to service their Vintage Sewing Machine for a “reasonable fee”.  For  those who don’t own such a machine, the trick is learning which model might be better for you, and how do you know you are paying a fair price?  Historically, none of this knowledge came easily, until now.

Today I’m honestly thrilled to share insights about a new series of online classes from Kim Jamieson-Hirst, of Chatterbox Quilts, who is an expert on Vintage Sewing Machines.  She has created this new series of classes to help learn everything you need to know about Vintage Sewing Machines, from the point you are wanting to gain knowledge to purchase such a machine, tips to create with such machines, to where you want to have the knowledge to maintain it yourself, or even maintain for others to make money with your skills!


The Vintage Sewing Machine 101, by Kim  includes 4 steps to help you learn everything you need to know to:

  1. Choose the right model for you
  2. Find that specific machine
  3. Restore it back to working order and maintain it
  4. Use your vintage sewing machine to create projects

The current classes include such topics as:





She also offers a series of guides, which are a downloadable PDF e:book, packed with great information.


Check out her FREE “Hanging Tabs for Quilts – Construct & Attach Hanging Tabs To Your Quilt“.


Kim’s series of educational videos and e:books are absolutely perfect for anyone who loves Vintage Sewing Machines, as well as those interested in learning more, possibly considering purchasing such a machine, or to learn how to maintain these timeless machines.  Her new structure of this series, which allows you to purchase  video and/or e:books for select topics in her series, also makes it very economical to learn vs. purchasing the entire series (previously the only option).    To clarify, I think the entire series is well worth the cost and will help you gain a robust set of knowledge on Vintage Sewing Machines.

QuiltShopGal can honestly recommend every video and e:book in Kim’s Vintage Sewing Machine 101 series.  They are all well structured, easy to follow, robust content, and each offered at an very reasonable fee.  To my knowledge, there is nothing on available that compares to the learning opportunities that Kim offers in this series, by way of content, quality and price.

Don’t forget that QuiltShopGal also feels this is an excellent way to gain knowledge that you could use to make money with your skills too!

To learn more about these classes and e:books and/or to sign up visit:

You can find Kim at:


2 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing Machines Can Be Timeless When You Have the Right Knowledge

  1. It’s hard to comment. I have to go to ‘home’ so that I can comment. I learned about vintage machines from several of my vintage machine groups on Yahoo (Treadle On, etc). I’ll be showing off 16 of them this weekend at my guild’s quilt show.


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