Radiant Quilts – #Giveaway Week Day 2

This week I’m celebrating the new home for QuiltShopGal, as I’ve recently moved to a wordpress hosted blog vs self hosted, in an attempt to reduce costs as a blogger.  As some have asked about this, I do want to share I’m working on hosting a blog hop event, in March, where some talented bloggers will be sharing insights about pros/cons of various blogs, the migration process, as well as tips and tricks to minimize expenses. 

I also want to heighten awareness that as I love #CreativeGoodness, I’m hosting giveaways every day this week.


love #CreativeGoodness

Today, I’m delighted to share insights with you about a new book from Landauer Publishing called “Radiant Quilts: Stunning Quilts from Simple Shapes“, by Elsie M. Campbell.  And, I’ll also share insights on how you can win a copy of this book that is packed with #CreativeGoodness.


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Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  In award-winning quilt designer Elsie M. Campbell’s new book, this statement rings true.  Simplicity is the name of the game and the basis for each block in her new book Radiant Quilts: Stunning Quilts from Simples Shapes.  Here, Campbell shows how to create dazzling scrap quilts using basic shapes like triangles, clamshells, half-hexagons, strips, and diamonds.  The nine start-to-finish projects range from stunning table runners to a gorgeous king-sized quilt.



Campbell, who most recently won the American Quilter’s Society’s Award for Excellents in Hand Workmanship, shines as her extensive quilting knowledge, experience, and expertise are on full display.  In Radiant Quilts, Campbell explains fabric color, value, and contrast, and how these elements all work together for simple yet scrumptiously elegant results.  Design choices like these are what make her gorgeous quilts stunningly radiant.  With a special emphasis on how color and value work together to create the illusion of depth and light, quilters will be pleased with Campbell’s insightful directions and guidance.  With comprehensive information on tools and techniques, Radiant Quilts provides quilts with the inspiration, confidence, and instructions needed to create simply radiant quilts.


You’ll find the following in Radiant Quilts: Quilts from Simple Shapes

  • Nine projects that are both basic and boldly sophisticated, with easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams for making each one.
  • Clear how-to directions for three cutting techniques using scissors and templates, rotary cutters, and die cutters.
  • Comprehensive information on tools and techniques.
  • Fearless stitching of Y-seams and curved pieces – thanks to Elsie’s guidance.





Elsie M. Campbell is an award-winning quilt designer, teacher, and author.  She has been honored with First Place ribbons in such prestigious shows at the World Quilt and Textile Show, Quilter’s Heritage Celebration in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, and Indiana Heritage Celebration, Bloomington, Indiana.  She resides in Ponca City, Ok.


I truly found this book packed with #CreativeGoodness.  With the nine projects that are shared in this book it is also a book with exception value, especially when you consider what the cost of a single standalone pattern is.  As this book has such easy to follow instructions and great visuals I also think this book is perfect for quilters of all levels, from beginners, to advanced.  It also has more tips from color theory, to piecing curves, y-seams, and more, that this book just stands out as a “must have” book.

I also want to share that I enjoyed seeing one of Elsie’s quilts at the recent Road to California Quilt Conference and Show in Ontario, Ca..  Elsie designed this stunning quilt, as well as quilted it on her Bernina 730 domestic sewing machine.



I hope you get a chance to check out Radiant Quilts at your favorite quilt shop, but if you don’t find it, do let them know you are interested in checking out this book.  It is so new, they may not be aware of it.  But don’t forget you can also check it out online at Landauer Publishing and also Amazon.


Followers of QuiltShopGal can enter to win a copy of this book and this giveaway is open to blog followers anywhere in the world.  To enter, simply leave a comment this post sharing how you follow me (e.g. email, BlogLuvin, an app, etc.).    While it only takes a single entry for someone to win, for those that prefer to increase their odds, share a link to this post, to help increase awareness of this giveaway, on any social media (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) and include the hashtags #CreativeGooodness and #Giveaway.  I will randomly select one lucky winner on Sunday, January 28th and update this post to announce the winner, as well as send them an email to let them know.



Congratulations to spierssusan  as she was randomly selected as a winner of this giveaway.  An email notice has been sent to her to let her knw.

You can find Landauer Publishing at:




You can find Elsie M. Campbell at:



24 thoughts on “Radiant Quilts – #Giveaway Week Day 2

  1. I follow you on my blogger dashboard. Funny, I have to go back to your home page, where the post is shortened (under the ‘click here to read more..”) so that I can comment. I do know where Ponca City, OK is (used to live in Tulsa).


  2. I’ve been a long time follower on my blogger dashboard/GFC and have just updated my list to follow you here at this new site. That quilt with the leaves is amazing and makes me want this book!


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