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The Quilt Show has partnered with Gina Perkes, an award winning quilter, author, teacher, and also an Expert Free-Motion Quilting instructor, to offer a FREE 10-month program on ruler work.  This program was officially launched by TQS this past July, but I think there was some confusion (at least to me) about accessibility.  Thus, I want to try to heighten awareness of this free series, encourage everyone to participate, as well as help clarify how you can get access, as well as how easy it is to learn endless possibilities for quilting on a domestic, mid-arm, or longarm machine, from this free series.  

You need not purchase anything to benefit from this free Ruler Mastery Series(e.g. you need not purchase rulers, nor pay for the class series, nor be a Star Member of TQS)  to benefit from this program.  I’m confident that all attendees, regardless of confidence level with free-motion quilting or ruler work, domestic machine or longarm quilters,  will pick up tips & tricks, as well as find plenty of creative inspiration from this free series.  At the same time, I can honestly say that being a Star Member of The Quilt Show, as well as buying the collection of rulers and templates that Gina designed and is showcasing in this free workshop, are well worth it and provide great value.  But that decision is totally up to you. I just don’t want you to overlook a great opportunity of learning/improving your skills with freemotion quilting for “ruler work” on a domestic, mid-arm, or long-arm machine.

There are 10 lessons, in this free series, of which seven have now been released.  But you can start anytime, as well as watch and learn at your liesure, repeating whenever you you may desire.  In this series,  you can create a whole-cloth quilt sampler which showcases a different ruler every month by using a domestic sewing machine or a longarm machine.

Did I mention this class is FREE and open to everyone? You can start from the beginning at anytime and work through the different lessons.
Purchasing the rulers will help, but if you opt not to purchase, you can still come away with great tips and ideas for the rulers you have already, as well as free-motion quilting in general.  I can honestly say I’m so impressed with this free series, as well as these rulers, that I’ve ordered a set and eagerly looking forward to quilting with them.  The possibilities are endless. 
Everyone can easily access all of the sessions, as they are released click hereAnd, there are free class downloads too!   IF by chance you ever lose the link, you can search on the TQS website for “Gina Perkes” and you can click on the link for her Ruler Mastery Series to see the complete list of all released classes (5 more will be added to the current list).  But here are links to each of the currently released free video tutorials for Ruler Work with Gina Perkes:

Series 1 – The Shirley Ruler – released in July 2017.  

Gina kicks off this series sharing tips for the practice quilt for this series, but they will apply to just about any FMQ and/or ruler work you ever do. E.G. fabric selection, marking the class sample quilt, gripping aids, thread selection and plenty of tips & tricks.

Series 2 – The Grace Ruler – released August 2017

This ruler offers great foundational shapes, which you can add your own FMQ to these shapes. Gina also shares plenty of tips about practice pieces, tension, weight distribution of the ruler.

Series 3 – The Elizabeth Ruler – released September 2017

A contemporary shape in two sizes great for block designs, but also fun to fill this design with just about any FMQ motif.

Series 4 – The Daisy Mae Ruler Making circles & pedal shapes – released October 2017

I enjoyed seeing how Gina incorporated different petal sizes together, to create beautiful floral motifs, as well as adding a few petals in various areas to create more interest.

Series 5 – The Amelia Ruler – released November 2017

I was impressed with the versatility of this ruler and suspect that I’ll be using it now in almost every quilt.  Very versatile.  Fun to see how it can help quilt a block, as well as add shapes that you can opt to add just about any FMQ motif you wish.


Series 6 –The Bette Ruler – released December 2017




During this session, Gina shares how to use grids with a ruler.


Series 7 – The June Ruler – released January 4th 2018






Gina again shares insights about the use of “gripping aids”, when working with rulers.  You’ll learn a new approach to flying geese, yet different than what was shared with the Amelia Ruler.  This is a fun ruler to also incorporate freemotion quilting to create a stunning quilt.


Series 8 – The Baby Jane Ruler – to be released February 2018


Don’t forget you do not need to purchase any of these rulers to enjoy this Ruler Work Series with Gina.  But, if you decide to order the rulers I can honestly say I think they are a great value and you’ll enjoy using them for quilting your projects.  Possibilities are endless.  Plus, you can purchase rulers individually or the complete set showcased in this series, which includes stencil templates that help to mark your projects for use of ruler work.

TQS website hosts a forum, which also has a section for participants in this free Ruler Master Series to interact with each other.  This is a great forum for questions, as well as sharing and inspiring like minded people.  Here is a link:

Thank you TQS & Gina Perkes for this fun and educational FREE Ruler Work Series.

Also, for those that are TQS Star Members, be sure to check out the following episodes with Gina Perkes:


Not a member of TQS? As mentioned, you need not be a member of TQS to participate in the Ruler Mastery Series, but TQS does provide a lot of value, fun, free patterns, inspiration and great shows to subscribed members.  Plus, if you join (or renew) now you get a FREE choice of Alex’s Quilter Select 3″ x 12″ non-slip ruler or a 5 piece set of replacement rotary blades.  That’s a gift valued up to $23.99 and TQS is also providing free shipping in the USA.

You can find The Quilt Show at:


You can find Gina Perkes at:


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