Free-Motion Quilting Challenge – Pumpkins, Sponsored by Martingale

If you have not yet tried free-motion quilting, or not yet feeling comfortable with it, I hope this challenge encourages you to give it a try.  Likewise, for those that have tried FMQ, maybe comfortable with it (or not), I hope you’ll also give it a try.  Learning/improving our FMQ skills does require practice, practice, practice.  Even 15 minutes a day can make a big difference.  Initially practice is needed just to learn the basics and feel comfortable.  Then, practice is needed to learn more FMQ motifs.  But every FMQ Expert I’ve ever talked to tells me that they still practice FMQ before they begin to work on a project, even when they know the designs. And, they spend more time practicing when working on a new FMQ motif.

I’m hosting this FMQ Challenge to help encourage everyone to learn/improve your FMQ skills. And, I hope those with experience will also participate to share and inspire others.  This simple challenge has a Fall theme and incorporates two FMQ tutorials for beautiful pumpkin motifs.

Pumpkins are perfect for decorating anytime in the Fall, not just for Halloween.  Actually, they look beautiful anytime of the year.Thus, this Challenge is not just a FMQ Challenge, but a pumpkin challenge that showcases two FMQ tutorials, by two amazing quilters, teachers, designers and authors.  I hope you will join the fun and use this challenge to learn/improve your FMQ skills, as well as inspire others with your sharing.  Participants that share, automatically get entered to win a prize with each project that they share!

Plenty of ways to enter:

 1.  Learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills by utilizing one or both FMQ tutorials for stitching pumpkins, by:

LORI KENNEDY  (The Inbox Jaunt) – 2015 FMQ Challenge  Reboot – practice, practice, practice this tutorial to learn and improve your FMQ skills, as well as create a beautiful project with a pumpkin motif.


LEAH DAY – MAGICAL PUMPKINS – practice, practice practice this FMQ tutorial to learn and improve your FMQ skills, as well as create a project that incorporates this beautiful design.

2.  You can create and share any type of project, or practice sandwich that you desire  But of course, finished projects are very inspirational.  Maybe you’ll want to incorporate this challenge into a table runner, wall hanging, mug rug, pillow, quilt, etc..  The possibilities are endless.

3.  While you can practice and learn FMQ by one or both of the above FMQ tutorials, if you have previously done so you can share any project you previously created.  Of course, I want to encourage everyone to practice again, and again, to improve your FMQ skills, ideally practicing more than once with each of the above tutorials.  So, to clarify, the more projects you create the more entries you get, regardless of when you make them. They just need to be shared before this Challenge ends in November, to qualify for an entry to win prizes.

4.  Practice, practice, practice and share your results with us no later than November 30th, to be eligible to win a prize.  To share,  you have two options:  a) post a copy on my facebook page at  or email me your photo entries with your contact info, no later than November 27th,  and I will post on Facebook no later than November 30th.  To clarify, you need not have a Facebook account, nor be a blogger.  But, for those who are bloggers if you opt to do a blog post to share what you create, you are also encouraged to add a link when you share on my Facebook page or share the link in your email to me so that I include it when I share your photos on my Facebook page (only applicable for those that don’t have a Facebook account).

Thanks to Martingale for sponsoring this Challenge.  One lucky winner will be randomly selected early December and have their choice of one of the following books, which QuiltShopGal will ship directly to the lucky winner, anywhere in the world!

This Challenge is open to WW participants.

Please email me if you have any questions.   



You can find Lori Kennedy at:

You can find Leah at:

You can find Martingale at:
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Note:  I’m currently researching to see if I can replicate this challenge with a Winter of Christmas theme, as well as one for Spring.  It will also depend on how many participate in this challenge.  Thus, I hope if you are interested in seeing such challenges you will encourage others to participate too!  

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