Who Turned 34 and Celebrating with a Great Sale ?

Did you hear Leah Day turned 34 this week?  Happy Birthday to Leah and thank you for all you do to make our world of quilting so wonderful.  She shared her heartfelt thoughts in a sweet video that I found very positive and want to encourage everyone to watch:

To celebrate her 34th birthday she is hosting a 40% off sale on all her downloadable books, patterns and workshops available thru her online store at LeahDay.com.



Click thru and check out the amazing deals for her workshops, downloadable books & patterns, even fun machine embroidery designs all at 40% off (what a steal).

If you don’t yet have a copy of Leah’s 365 Free Motion Quilting designs I recommend this book as a “must have” for anyone interested in FMQ.  It is a great resource to plan out your projects, as well as to plan out designs you want to master.  A downloadable copy can be helpful to have on a laptop when traveling and/or a tablet, that you can also set near your machine when you are quilting.

There are also other items on sale, while not 40% off, there are still more deals on her site. Plus, her regular prices are always reasonable.  So click thru and check out her Birthday sale.  What a fun way to celebrate Leah’s 34th birthday – where you get to buy yourself a present.  Heck, if you don’t have time to take the workshop now, this is such a steal you can wrap it up and give it to yourself for Christmas and complete the workshop next year.



Don’t forget this sale ends tomorrow, Monday at midnight.


You can find Leah at:


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