Call for Quilts – #QuiltsForVegas

Thanks to Christa Watson for sharing a post on her blog (Christa Quilts), which caught my attention for #QuiltsForVegas.

The Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild has a call for #quiltsforVegas and today I’m trying to heighten awareness and ultimately encourage quilters and quilt guilds to participate.  Help is needed to make and donate quilts, even quilt blocks that will be turned into quits.  But I also suspect that more ways to volunteer would be appreciated (e.g. donation of batting, fabrics, longarm skills, etc.).  Help is also needed to contact your guild board members, even local quilt store owners, to see if they can help rally volunteers for this very worthwhile cause.

The Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild has stepped forward to help quilters, from around the world, help give much needed quilty hugs to  get quilts to the victims and first responders.    Using block patterns from Cluck Cluck Sew, using the 10 inch finished block size, where a heart block (located anywhere in the quilt), will certainly provide the recipient a good quilty hug of comfort. Grayscale blocks, in any arrangement along with one heart block somewhere on the quilt. They want you to use 2 fabrics in each block; white and a happy contrasting color but feel free to mix it up however you like!  


I love the cheerfulness from these quilts.

The easy to sew design is also very versatile.  There is no right or wrong.  And, the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild is also open to receive quilts from other designs that could offer good quilty hugs and comforts to those impacted by the Las Vegas shootings.

For more info:

If you have questions email:

Don’t forget, help is needed to increase awareness for this call for quilts #quitsforvegas  – you can make a difference by helping to spread the word.  Let your quilt guild, quilt shop owners and quilting friends know.  Even making a quilt block for this cause can make a difference, but the word needs to get out to let people know how they can help spread much needed quilty hugs to those impacted by the shootings in Las Vegas.


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