#FreeMotionQuilting/RulerWork On Domestic Machines: Continuous Rope Design

Today I want to highlight templates by Westalee, for stitching a Continuous Rope motif, using ruler work on a domestic sewing machine.  There are so many ways to use this design in your quilts, but for today, I’m just covering the basics.

There are three versions of the Continuous Rope template, where you can also find a variety of sizes.  Each of these templates pretty much works the same, where you continually sew out one side of a twist of rope at a time.  This works great for borders, creating frames around other motifs, but as you build up your expertise you can also stitch twisting ropes, as well as intertwining ropes.  

Here is a video tutorial from Westalee:

There are two different rope motif ruler template designs, as well as a variety of sizes of rope (e.g. .75″, 1.5″, 2.5″, 5.5″).

There is also a template that makes a beautiful rope wreath, as shown below stitched by Patsy Thompson.  Patsy also sells Westalee templates, as well as other brands and her own, online in her shop at Patsy Thompson Designs.

Of course, if you know Patsy, you know she never just quilts a simple motif.  Here is an example of what she created based off this rope wreath:

Personally, I’m looking forward You can also find Westalee templates at Sew Steady, AllBrands, Amy’s Quilting Adventure, as well as many premium quilt shops.  Of course, if your favorite store doesn’t carry them, let them know you are interested in having them stock such tools.  Ruler work is growing in popularity and many quilt shops don’t yet realize how many quilters are interested in this form of quilting.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find time to enjoy and create.  Of course, I also hope you are able to take time to learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills too!

You can find Patsy Thompson at:

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4 thoughts on “#FreeMotionQuilting/RulerWork On Domestic Machines: Continuous Rope Design

  1. these rulers look awesome, I contacted them recently and they are supposed to send me a set to play with 😉 not sure what I’m getting, but I do plan on buying more…. (long arm templates)


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