#PrecisionPiecingQAL – WorldWide Quilting Day – The Quilt Show

Today I’m sharing a variety of insights, with a common theme:  Precision Piecing.    You may already be a perfect piecer who can tackle the most challenging projects and always come out with crisp points and even seams (lucky you).  I’ll confess I’m far from perfect, but I have found ways that have helped me and I need continual reminder to slow down as well as check my accuracy along the way.  And, yes, it can still be fun!

The #PrecisionPiecing QAL has officially kicked off, but I’ve extended the deadline to March 19th, to enter to win prizes.  New posts are released every Wednesday, supplemented with a few extra precision piecing themed posts throughout the event.

While WorldWide Quilting Day is this coming Saturday, March 18th, many of us enjoy celebrating International Quilting Weekend March 17-19, 2017.  While I hope you can find time to enjoy and create anytime, I really hope you can do so this coming weekend.  It is also a great time to visit your local quilt shops, but you’ll also find great fun online.  And, even plenty of opportunities to work on your precision piecing skills.  

TQS is hosting an amazing World Wide International Quilting event, where everyone can access all TQS shows over the weekend, for free.  Plus everyone can enter to win amazing prize bundles sponsored by AccuQuilt, Jinny Beyer, Eleanor Burns and Quilt In A Day, Gyleen Fitzgerald, Bonnie Hunter, Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson and Bernina.  Just be sure to enter to win on March 18th on the TQS site.

I can honestly say that I love everything about TQS and find great value in their premium “Star” members ($42.95/year), where you can watch all of the 250+ shows including 26 Brand new shows a year., at your liesure.  And, yes, they have a number of episodes with tips to help you learn/improve your precision piecing skills.  Here are some that caught my attention and I hope you get a chance to watch this weekend (but Star Members can watch anytime):

Dee Christopher talks about Precision Piecing, in her show that was released Jan 25, 2017.  Here is a short Youtube excerpt about pinning:

  • #1801 – Lessa Siegele – perfect piecing techniques
  • #1602 with Sally Collins How to cut precision templates for your quilting projects, Learn the correct way to sew straight and press your fabrics
  • #1401 Janet Stone – piecing tips to achieve perfect results – create Flying Geese and HST’s
  • #1203 – Marsha McCloskey – Drafting and piecing the perfect Feathered Star
  • #1107 – Ricky Times – Piecing the Montana Star or Lone Star Quilt
  • #1008 Alex Anderson – Make a custom pincushion with perfect piecing
  • #905 – Anita Grossman Solomon – Cutting & Piecing – Key West & Windmill Blocks for Accuracy
  • #407 – Elsie Campbell – Precision Piecing – choosing fabric – 8 pointed star HST
  • #311 Alex Anderson – Piecing the perfect pinwheel

Classrooms – TQS hosts a variety of classrooms that offer a variety of learning opportunities, all free for Star Members.


BOM Quilts – every year TQS releases a free BOM quilt that is always stunning and free for Star Members.  This year the design is the beautiful  Halo Medallion Quilt, including tips for paper piecing, fabric selection, trimming, and pressing. Even if you aren’t making the quilt, you might want to check out these great tips.

FEATURED GUEST DVDs offer a great learning opportunity where various DVDs, from world class quilters, are accessible for Star Members.  The topics vary, but always fun and educational, increasing the value of a TQS Star Membership.

You can find The Quilt Show at:



Here is a list of previous #PrecisionPiecingQAL posts:

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