One World QAL – Month #3 – Still Plenty of Time to Join the Fun

Today I want to share insights about the One World QAL, some fun quilty inspiration, as well as heighten awareness how you could win prizes, even if you are not stitching along in this QAL! Let me clarify, you can participate in this QAL as a viewer, or as a quilter. Keith Phillips (Quilt Fusion) and Kim Jamieson-Hirst (Chatterbox Quilts) are hosting this event and doing an absolutely great job!

First, I’d like to hear from anyone who is following along the One World QAL?   Who is stitching?  Who is simply following?  Who is interested?  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what ever you think.

Did I mention you can win prizes, even if you are not actively stitching?  Yes, the One World QAL isn’t just a fun QAL, but also a way to win amazing prizes.  Participating quilters, as well as registered viewers will have a chance to win prizes. Click here for a list of prizes and more info.

 But I can honestly say this QAL is much more fun if you are making this project and it really is super easy.  Even though Month #3 kicks off today, it is still plenty of time to join.


This event is hosted by Keith Phillips (QuiltFusion) and Kim Jamieson-Hirst (Chatterbox Quilts) and will run for seven months, where you’ll be able to create your own beautiful  One World quilt.

I had never used the “One Click” tool for ordering fabrics before.  But, I found it was really easy to use to order fabrics for this kit from Batiks Plus.  You can order all of the fabrics, or pull from your stash for all, shop locally, or use a mix.   I bought some fabric locally, some came from my stash, and I found it really easy to order the remainder.  And, those that I ordered from Batiks Plus all arrived in individual bags, where the bag and the fabric had a label on it.  Excellent!


Plus Batiks Plus also sent me some extra fabric for free.


Participants in this QAL receive a block pattern every month, that has easy to follow instructions, a placement guide and applique’ shapes that do not need to be enlarged, and are well organized to help cut pieces with the same fabric, as appropriate.  And, for those that have electronic cutting machines SVG files are also available.

BLOCK ONE:  Here is my block vs the original block, by Keith.  I still need to add some small pieces to the trees.  I also plan to add fancy machine stitching, but want to wait to get a few more blocks finished before I begin to add such.


BLOCK TWO: Here is my block vs the original design, by Keith.  Don’t look too closely, as I made a few mistakes, including mixing up what fabrics I was supposed to use.  But I still love it.


BLOCK THREE (released Nov 15th) – I am certainly looking forward to making this block.  The monkey just sets off the whimsical design, in my perspective.


I’m finding great fun and inspiration via the Facebook group for this QAL (One World Quilt Along), which is open for anyone to join.  Here is a picture of the first two blocks, made by Susan Noren.  I love the colors and fabrics she selected.


Participants on this QAL also get access to  Quilt Fusion software, an online program that you get access to during this QAL.  I’ve found this software super easy and fun to use, as well as very versatile.  You can use it to customize the blocks in this QAL, as Keith did by adding a beautiful eagle to block 2 (show next to the original design):

To clarify, you can change the size, as well as add/remove applique’ shapes to any blocks in this QAL, as well as use many shapes provided in the software to create your own unique projects.  Plus, there is a large gallery of projects that you can use “as is” or modify to make it your own.  Here are just a few in the Quilt Fusion Gallery that caught my attention:


Plus, when you use the Quilt Fusion software to design, you can, with a simple click create a pattern that gives you full size templates, a full size placement guide, fabric requirements, as well as the option to use a one click feature to buy your fabrics at Batiks Plus.  And, subscribers to Quilt Fusion Software also receive a new Free Pattern every Friday via email.  I hope you too see a value in joining this QAL and/or being a Quilt Fusion subscriber.  I certainly do.

Check out the Quilt Fusion website to learn more about this easy to use and highly creative software:

You can find more on One World at:


You can find Quilt Fusion at:

quilt fusion logo

You can find Chatterbox Quilts at:


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