Ruler Work on Domestic Machines

This is a simple post today, all about Ruler work on domestic machines, which is rapidly growing in popularity.  

Many that have tried free-motion quilting (FMQ) and do beautiful work are incorporating ruler work in their projects, many modern quilters are using only ruler work, and there are many newbies to FMQ that are learning thru ruler work.

I’m hoping you’ll share your experience with FMQ and ruler work today.  Have you used quilting rulers on a domestic machine?  Are you interested in learning/improving your skills for FMQ using rulers??

Here is a video by Westalee that talks about Ruler Feet for domestic machines, which I think has become a favored tool for many:

Here is a video demonstration by Patsy Thompson that shows off some fun stuff you can create with rulers.

Several sewing machine manufacturers have created a specific ruler foot for their brand, but if not, the adapter feet are highly recommended.  I’ve been able to purchase the recently released Bernina Ruler Foot and absolutely love it.


Again, I’d love to hear from you on your experience with FMQ, Ruler Feet, as well as interest in learning about FMQ using rulers.  For those that have been using rulers for FMQ, do you have “go to” rulers, any classes to recommend, or tips you can share?  

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10 thoughts on “Ruler Work on Domestic Machines

  1. No experience with the rulers though I’ve seen really beautiful things done with them. I think I’d need a third hand to operate them though! I FMQ my straight and curved lines after drawing them on the quilt top and try to never make them longer than I can quilt continuously without having to stop and reposition my hands. I admire the folks who are able to use them effectively.


  2. Amy Johnson at Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures is the expert. She has a craftsy class, her blog, and and an online store where she sells rulers. She has also opened a bricks and mortar store for Janome products. She has evaluated lots of rulers and done lots of videos and she produces exquisite quilting.


  3. I have dabbled a little bit with rulers on my Pfaff 4.2 using the Westalee ruler foot. I wished that Pfaff brought out a ruler foot…finding the Westalee foot a bit fiddly at times.


  4. Color me jealous! I’m waiting for the Bernina foot to arrive at my local shop — I’m on pins and needles while I wait. LOL! I’ve tried a couple of other feet and like what I can do with them (I definitely need more practice, of course), but I really want the superior engineering that goes into Bernina’s feet.


  5. You can use rulers and a ruler foot even for stitching in the ditch. I love the small straight and curved Westalee ruler to learn with. has come out with new clear ruler feet that are half the price of a metal foot. It is called the FineLine Clarity Ruler Foot. I am waiting for one for my Juki mid arm. Amy’s Craftsy Class is great as well as her blog and you tube videos. Patsy Thompson wrote some great articles in the Machine Quilting Magazine.


  6. It is something I would love to try. I’ve watched some of the videos. Rather than making the investment in foot and rulers, I’d like to find a hands-on demonstration. I have no sewing machine dealers near me.


  7. The ruler foot for Berninas, will this fit my QE 440? I cannot find anyone in New Zealand who stocks this, and wonder if you could pass on where you found yours. There are rulers here, and adapter feet, but I am hoping that this foot will be all I need.


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