Do you have a Zirkel ?  If so, I’m curious what you think about it and if you’d give it an positive recommendation?zirkel

The Zirkel’s claim to fame:

  • Repels & separates items to the edge in a fanned out pattern
  • Weight allows it to also be used as a paper weight

I bought a Zirkel last year.  I’ve been on the fence about it and wanted to share my perspective today:

What I like:

  • Nice size (4″x4″)
  • The way the pins spin around, separating from each other.
  • Comes in a variety of colors (Black, Green, Turquoise, Pink, and Purple)
  • Duals as a paperweight

What I don’t like:

  • You have to drop your pins tip down to get them to land with their head of the pin placed outward (I tend to do a light toss of a pin to my pin holder, not arrange a handful of pins before I drop them on the holder).
  • The magnet is so strong, it can easily pick up pins on the sides of the pin holder, as well as the bottom.
  • The strength of the magnet makes me nervous about having it close to my sewing machine, or other electronics, although I’ve not heard of anyone having problems with the magnet being nearby electronics.  Note:  The FAQ on the Zirkel website shows that it is safe around sewing machines.
  • Price vs value proposition (other magnet pin holders, even homemade magnetic pin holders have a better value proposition).  Note:  This is a personal choice.

My conclusion:  A Zirkel magnetic pin holder may be absolutely perfect for you. It just isn’t one of my favorite finds.

For those interested in getting a Zirkel, you can find them in various quilt and sewing stores, as well as online at Amazon and Craftsy.

You can also find Zirkel at:


As previously mentioned, if you have/have had a Zirkel, I hope you’ll share your perspective on this magnetic pin holder, including your thoughts for the value proposition.

7 thoughts on “Zirkel

  1. I haven’t tried the Zirkel. I love my Grabbits, and have 5 or 6 of them. One on cutting table, one near design wall, one on ironing board, one near main machine, and another near the vintage. I love being able to toss a pin or two from a distance, and knowing it will be easy to pick up when I need it. It’s also easy to swipe with, when a few pins drop on the floor. Thanks for sharing your review.


  2. I have one and I didn’t know you had to drop the pins a certain way to have them land correctly, therefore, my pins are a mess! I believe the magnet is too strong. I couldn’t find my embroidery scissors and I finally noticed they were stuck to the bottom. I like to remove my pins as I sew and I’m uncomfortable with it so close to my machine. Bottom line it’s not my favorite.


  3. This is the first I have ever heard of them. I have a magnetic pin bowl I won on Instagram. She paints the bowls and a figurine she adds to the middle. It’s really cute.


  4. Never heard of Zirkel – not a gadgety type person. I just use a fridge magnet (get a free replacement each time I go to the Vet). Not too strong to worry about being near a machine, but strong enough to grab those pins – I’m a tosser, too.


  5. Thank you for this review. I had wondered if they were worth the price. I’m going to spend my money on fabric and skip the Zirkle. I tend to toss my pins rather than place them a particular way. I use magnets out of speakers for my pins. I keep them away from my machine and have had no problems.


  6. I have two of them. I have the same thoughts as you do about them. I thought they would be great but I don’t like them close to my machine either. Throwing the pins at it is very nice but more awkward to get one off of it. I have used these since last January and just decided last week to return to the pin cushions I used before. They are okay, but not for mr.


  7. Ditto on all your comments…keeping mine (which was a gift) on the ironing board to keep it away from my sewing machine. Wouldn’t buy another…better suited for screws on a workbench in the garage in my opinion!


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