When The Unexpected Happens And Life Changes In A Blink Of An Eye

Today I want to talk about a situation where the life, of any of us, can change in a blink of the eye.  Our world, as we know it can shatter quickly.  How do you get thru it?  How do others help? 

Our worldwide quilting community is a group of talented and giving people.  I’ve truly seen miracles happen in our community through the power of prayer, fundraisers to help those in need, as well as words of kindness and encouragement.  PR Angels often help to spread the word, and many find other great ways to help.  We each have a story, but today I want to share a story about an amazing quilter, teacher, and author who could use our prayers, positive thoughts, as well as support and encouragement in so many ways.

Karen Sievert is an Author, Teacher, Speaker and International Award Winning Longarm Machine Quilter.  


Karen is the author of two amazing books:

 “Better Together“, published by Martingale in  2010


Prairie Point Pizzazpublished by Martingale in 2011


This past year Karen and her husband Vince, moved into a beautiful log home in Bailey, NC.   This home was designed with plenty of space for Karen to design and quilt, as well as provide accommodations for 1-6 quilters, in an ideal and tranquil setting for intimate classes and retreats with Karen.  Sounds absolutely inviting to me.  Especially perfect for those that want to learn/improve their free-motion quilting skills to make quilts such as what Karen has:

Besides the move, besides her hectic teaching schedules, as well as working on more quilts to enter into quilt shows, she also had to go thru various hand surgeries.  But she pushed thru it with amazing style and grace.



On September 16th Karen and Vince lost their beautiful log cabin dream home to a fire.  They lost ALL their possessions, including years of making beautiful quilts, as well as her Award Winning Quilts!  Clearly, their life has changed with such a devastating loss.

While positive thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement are appreciated by Karin and Vince, a Go Fund Me program was launched by a friend.  It won’t replace all of their possessions, nor her quilts, but even little donations add up and help.  Here is a link for those that are able to make such a donation: https://www.gofundme.com/ksxyztj8?ssid=760358579&pos=1


You can find Karen at:




4 thoughts on “When The Unexpected Happens And Life Changes In A Blink Of An Eye

  1. I am so, so very sorry this happened to her and her family. I have walked in her shoes. It happened to us five years ago. Smoke alarms saved our lives with only seconds to spare. We got out wearing only our pajamas in the dead of winter. I ache for her and her losses.


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