Help Aurifil With Support For Italy

We’ve all heard the sad news about the devastating earthquake in Central Italy, which hit this past week.  Many lives have been lost, plenty of homes, businesses, and church structures have been destroyed.  Help is needed in just about every way possible.  While volunteers are arriving to help, more is needed and help will be needed for a very long time.

As this earthquake hit in the middle of the night, those that were able to get out often were able to do so with only the clothes that they were wearing.  They are displaced without money, credit cards, blankets, clothing, etc. and living in very rough camping facilities. 


aurifil 1

I learned that Aurifil has created a way that quilting and sewing enthusiasts can help and I want to heighten awareness of this with you today.

aurifil 2


Aurifil’s Home Collections,  are gorgeous collections available in all sizes and weights of threads and a portion of the proceeds of wholesale orders of these collections, thru the end of September, will be donated to the Italian Red Cross.  For those in the business, this is a great window to place your wholesale orders.  For consumers like me, this is a great time to let your favorite shops know you are interested in these collections and encourage them to place such orders.    I will also update this post as I learn of stores that will be ordering them.

aurifil 3

  • The Bright Collection AC50BR12    
  • The Chestnut Collection, AC50CC12
    The Classic CollectionAC50CL12    
  •  The Festive Collection AC50FE12
    The Flower CollectionAC50FL12    
  • The Ice Cube CollectionAC50IC12
  • The Pastel Collection AC50PA12    
  •  The Strawberry CollectionAC50SC12
  • The Wool Collection, AC12WC12    
  •  Best Selection (4-Pack), MK50BS4
  • Best Selection 12wt, ABSC12    
  • Best Selection 28wt, ABSC12
  • Best Selection 40wt, ABSC40
  •  Best Selection 50wt, ABSC50
  • Best Selection Wool, ABSC12W
  • Best Selection Floss,  ASCSAF
  • Full Selection 12wt, MK12FS270
  • Full Selection 28wt, MK12FS270
  • Full Selection 40wt, MK40FS270
  • Full Selection 50wt, MK50FS270
  • Full Selection Floss, AFFS270
  • Valigia Wool, LA12VA48
  • Valigia 12wt, MK12VA48    
  • Valigia 28wt, MK28VA48
  • Valigia 40wt, MK40VA48
  • Valigia 50wt, MK50VA48

For detailed information on all collections, please visit the Aurifil website.
To place your wholesale order, please contact

As mention, QuiltShopGal will update this post to increase awareness of shops that place such orders which customers can order from via online stores.  At this point, here is the list of shops that I know are committed to helping Aurifil help those in Italy impacted by this Earthquake, as they will be ordering one or more of these thread collections and make it available for retail purchase via their online stores shortly:


Aurifil has also shared that those that wish to donate money to those impacted by the Earthquakes can do so by way of:

Click here to donate directly to the Italian Red Cross.
Click here to donate to Italian American Relief
Click here to donate to Save the Children.

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