Let’s Talk Organization, a Sale, a Tutorial

How organized are you?  Do you like making projects that help you organize?  Do you like sales?  How about a tutorial for a fun organizational project, which would also make a great gift?  Time to share some insights with you today:

First, I want to share insights with you about a book by Heidi Staples called Sew Organized For the Busy Girl, published by C&T Publishing.


Fit sewing into your busy lifestyle with practical tips that will help you put hours back on the clock! Author Heidi Staples, a creative mom of three, will help you organize your sewing space and works-in-progress so they are ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Revive your creative life and make the most of your time with easy-to-implement advice that will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Stitch up 23 thoughtful gifts, ranging from handcrafted quilts to home decor, children’s gifts, and attractive storage cases. With an arsenal of time-savers, you’ll finally finish those projects while enjoying a little “you” time at the sewing machine.

• 23 fresh projects! Break up larger projects into multiple short or on-the-go sessions
• Shopping and storage ideas to help you manage your sewing stash
• Productivity tips – “fabric auditions,” project bags, and more
• Popular bloggers speak out on organizing time and balancing family life with sewing


This is a fun book, perfect for anyone interested in sewing small projects that help with organization and are also great for gifts.  The book has easy to follow instructions with great visuals and is packed with organizational tips and inspiration.

And, this book is currently on sale at CT Publishing for only $5.  Heck, at that price, buy more for holiday gifts!  And while you are checking out this book at CT Publishing, be sure to take a look at all their books in their $5 Blow Out Sale.


quiltshopgal's favorite tutorials

Heidi also shares tips, tutorials and inspiration on her blog “The Fabric Mutt“.  Her  tutorial “Pixie Basket”, is  certainly a fun way to help organize your home, as well as to make for gifts.  

The Pixie Basket Tutorial

Be sure to check out Heidi’s other excellent tutorials, as well as her fun and creative blog.

Fabric Mutt

You can find Heidi Staples at:


You can find CT Publishing at:


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