Pets on Quilts Show 2016 – Who Loves Pets?

Today’s post is all about pets, as Lily Pad Quilting has kicked off the Pets on Quilts Show.  I hope you’ll have as much as I do learning about all the pets, as well as enjoy the beautiful quilts, that are shared in this super fun virtual show.  

I’ll confess I could easily become the Crazy Old Pet Lady, as I love almost every type of pet, in every shade and every color.  I’m just not home enough to be a good pet parent, so I need to get my “pet fix, aka pet love” by being around pets of family, friends, and neighbors.  I’ve seriously thought about posting “FREE” pet sitting services, even willing to travel to do so!

Meet Lily, a 14 year old yellow Labrador.  She belongs to my brother-in-law and has the best temperament, with eyes that are so sweet and thoughtful.  Although, her eyes really looked guilty when I coached her up on the bed (my BIL had never let her on top of the bed before).    She liked a little snuggle time, before she’d go sleep in her own bed, for the night. And, I understand she’ll now do this with my BIL. To clarify, he is now letting her get a little snuggle time before they both go to sleep.  I’ll confess the quilt isn’t mine, but one that was on the guest bed at my BIL/SIL’s home this summer.  Note to self: I think I need to make them a quilt.

Lily absolutely loves fresh fruits and vegetables. I had a blast taking her on walks and picking blackberries for her. I think she thought it was great too. While she can eat them off the bush, she does it every so carefully to avoid the thorns.  I could pick a hole handful for her in less time, so she learned to wait for me to pick them for her.  But her favorite treats are watermelon, strawberries, or tomatoes.  It is amazing how her nose gets so excited when she smells them.

Sorry for the long post, but I also want to take time to heighten awareness of Pets living in shelters that need loving fur-ever homes.  And the shelters need help.

Here is a sweet video showing a shy shelter dog flipping out when he realized he’s found some a home:

If you have a problem viewing this embedded video, here is a link to watch it directly in Youtube:

Pet Shelters need all sorts of volunteers from helping to walk the dogs, play with the cats, singing to the birds, grooming horses, etc.  And shelters also appreciate donations of easy to make  pet beds, so animals don’t have to sleep on concrete floors and can get a better night sleep.  There are a variety of free patterns to make pet beds and many work well with scraps of batting:


Aurifil released the Small Kennel Quilt Thread Kit last year, as a fundraiser for the Petfinder Foundation.  This kit contains 10 spools of 50 wt thread, with 200 yards each.

Help Aurifil help TQPM care for homeless pets. Buy an Aurifil Small Kennel Thread Kit and a portion of each sale will be donated to Petfinder.  And, if you don’t find them in your favorite quilt shop I hope you can let them know you’d like them to help support this effort to help TQPM.

charity program with aurifil

Petfinder is an online, searchable database of animals who need homes. There overall Mission, is to increase awareness and ultimately the adoption of pets in need of forever homes.


This new charitable thread kit can be purchased wholesale through Checker.

I also want to give a shout out that you can find this kit at the Fat Quarter Shop

I hope you’ll visit Lily Pad Quilting and enjoy all the entries for the Pets on Quilts Show.  Of course, I’m hoping that you’ll share your pet (or borrowed pet) on your quilts, or maybe a animal theme quilt.  The more sharing the more fun.  Here is a link to this party:

Pets on Quilts 2016


You can find more info at:

0 thoughts on “Pets on Quilts Show 2016 – Who Loves Pets?

  1. Lily!! Look how beautiful she is, I bet she dreams about her aunt Darlene and how fun you are. Great video, although the beginning breaks my heart. Freedom rides (or walks) are the best.


  2. What a great post! Lots of great info to help lots of our furry friends. I love that you spoil Lily, with the fruit, my guy love watermelon too…but his favorite are carrots. He gets super excited when you get carrots out, he lets out a little whinny because he is super excited! TFS.


  3. Great way to get the word out about all the sweet fur babies who need homes! Our Rocky is a rescue although not from a shelter. And my little granddog Link is a rescue too. It feels so good to know they have a safe, loving home and will never again be hungry or lonely. And thanks for sharing Lily – I love labs!!!! They may be the sweetest creatures on earth :*)


  4. Lily is a beautiful girl! My pups like to eat vegies and fruit too 🙂
    Hope many are inspired to “shop” for pets needing to be re-homed. Our house is filled with rescued love. Can’t imagine life with out them.


  5. You get the award for best pet aunt 🙂 Lily just looks like a sweet heart, how could you say no to those eyes?? I think you should make her, her very own doggie quilt. And thanks for the reminder to all of us to adopt. You are right, there are so many animals out there just begging for a home.


  6. Lily looks so soulful. She sounds like a wonderful dog.

    Our two kitties are rescue kitties. In fact, every feline companion I have had has been a rescue. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  7. Lily is so sweet. I’ve known a Springer Spaniel who loved to pick and eat raspberries.
    We found all our pets through Petfinder and are big supporters of animal rescue.


  8. She is a real loving girl, down here we have the SPCA, and have chosen over the years all our cats from there, or they adopted us when they called in to see if we had a vacant bed or two.Lovely lot of links, this is so important. Cheers, Nancy J.


  9. Thank you for sharing the video of the incredibly happy shelter dog headed for a new home. We have three rescues right now; they each came from high-kill shelters, and the thought of what might have happened to them is heartbreaking. Posts like yours that raise awareness and help change the mindset from a purebred focus to that of looking for a good dog to become part of the family will go a long way toward ending one of our nation’s unspoken tragedies. We know better; we can do better.


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