Help! How Do I Quilt It? with Angela Walters


Today I want to share insights about another free-motion quilting class, with Angela Walters, that is available through Craftsy.  I honestly think this is an excellent class for quilters of all levels, and, if you have not yet taken it, I want to recommend that you consider signing up for it.  Great fun and value.  Here are the details:

CLASS TITLE:  Help! How do I quilt It, by Angela Walters

help How do I quilt it


Learn how to pair complementary quilting with six styles of pieced tops for your most beautiful results yet!

angela walters

Lesson One – Introduction (7 minutes)

Meet your instructor, quilter extraordinaire Angela Walters, as she walks you through the different types of quilt tops you’ll explore in this class. Then, learn how you can audition your designs before you quilt them.

how do i quilt it with angela walters 1

Lesson Two – Applique’ Quilts (22 minutes)

Learn how to use quilting to enhance appliqué, complete a pattern or add detail. Pick up professional tips for using monofilament thread and quilting through extra layers. See how echoing accentuates appliquéd designs and learn how to quilt leaves, pebbles and swirls together for dense fillers.

how do i quilt it with angela walters 3

Lesson Three – Quilts With Small Spaces (19 minutes)

Squeeze dramatic design into small spaces as you explore quilting that works on tops with lots of tiny piecing. Group blocks or pieces together for use on larger designs or break down quilting motifs for use on small elements. Discover the universal appeal of continuous curves and all-over wavy designs.

Lesson Four – Paper Pieced Quilts (16 minutes)

Don’t be scared away from quilting intricate paper-pieced tops that often have bulky seams and intricate designs! Angela shows you how to break them down into manageable sections and demonstrates two great designs that work well with paper-pieced tops: wishbone stitching and the back-and-forth filler.

angela walters 3

Lesson Five – Sampler Quilts (16 minutes)

Whether you prefer traditional, modern or art quilts, you’ll love Angela’s quilting advice for unifying your design or highlighting favorite blocks! Repeat a few favorite motifs throughout or join blocks together by unifying the spaces between them. Learn how to create perfect serpentine lines and swirl hooks.

Lesson Six – Quilts With Large Spaces (21 minutes)

Don’t become daunted by an open space on your quilt! Angela shows you how to use echo quilting to break large spaces into smaller ones. You’ll learn how to manage negative space and quilt motifs and geometric designs, too!

Lesson 6 HELP How do I quilt it with angela walters

Lesson Seven – Medallion Quilts (19 minutes)

Have an ocean of borders and unsure what to do? Break rows of borders into chunks, traveling from one to the next as you work your way down the quilt. Discover how to quilt borders that highlight the centerpiece, and learn how to add paisley feathers and square chains to these tight spaces.

angela walters 2


This class taught many tips and tricks, as well as beautiful free-motion quilting motifs.  But what I found the most beneficial is Angela’s insights for deciding how to quilt various quilt designs (e.g. applique, paper pieced, pieced, medallion, etc.), including borders. Of course the many designs that she taught in this class are also beautiful and will certainly come in handy.

I feel this class is perfect for domestic, as well as longarm quilters of all levels.  An excellent value when you consider the Craftsy platform allows you to take their classes at your liesure, as well as repeat it as often as you wish.  Plus, it is helpful to interact with the teacher and other students, as well as find inspiration in the classroom sharing.

how do i quilt it with angela walters 2

Definitely a fun class and a great way to learn/improve your free-motion quilting skills.

If you have taken this class with Angela, I hope you’ll leave a comment to share your perspective.


You can find Angela at:

Full Disclosure:  QuiltShopGal has enjoyed Craftsy, for many years.  I share my own opinion when I write reviews on classes offered by Craftsy.  I became an Affiliate as I believe in the value of Craftsy.    If you click through  to Craftsy, from QuiltShopGal, to make a purchase, I “may” receive a small payment from Craftsy (but your price is not any different than if you purchased it elsewhere).  I pursued signing up for the Affiliate program to help supplement expense costs for QuiltShopGal (e.g. shipping prizes).  But, even though I am an Affiliate I will only share my honest opinion when sharing such insights.  

Here is a list of my reviews of various classes at Craftsy:
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