Inspirational Quilt and Free-Motion Quilting

A stunning wholecloth quilt, with spectacular free-motion quilting, by Donna James, of British Columbia, Canada caught my eye when I attended the Road to California Conference and Quilt Show, this past January.

Imperial Majesty by Donna James 1


This stunning quilt has won awards at Road to California 2015, AQS Quilt Week Lancaster 2016, possibly more.  

Imperial Majesty by Donna James 2

Artist statement: This original wholecloth design was inspired by my love of mandalas, feathers, and stars. I started with the central star, and the radial symmetrical design developed from there. The name, Imperial Majesty, is a nod to tradition, as well as the deep royal blue color of the dupioni silk. All quilting is hand-guided, on my A-1 longarm. Threads used were Superior’s So Fine and Kimono Silk.

Imperial Majesty by Donna James 3

Easy to see why this inspiration quilt received awards at two highly competitive quilt shows.

Congratulations to Donna James.  This is truly an amazing quilt. Sadly, my photos did not do this quilt justice.  But Donna has shared a photo on her Facebook Wall that really shows of the beauty of this quilt.

You can find Donna James at:

0 thoughts on “Inspirational Quilt and Free-Motion Quilting

    1. I’ve previously purchased Dupioni Silk from ETSY shops, but the particular shop I’ve purchased doesn’t currently appear to have any available. I’ve sent them a note, so they may contact you directly. But fine fabric stores tend to have Dupioni. Not sure where you live, but you can also buy some thru You may also want to check out Kaufman Radiance Cotton as it also produces a silk look, but easier to work with.


    2. The dupioni silk that I have used is 52 inches wide. It was purchased in Hong Kong, where one of my daughters lives.
      I attach strips on either side so that I can use the full width.for the quilting. Imperial Majesty is 49″ x 49″, due to shrinkage when I blocked it.


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