Bee Creative Charity Fundraiser – #MandalaFun, #StitchAlong, #FMQAlong, #DoodleAlongBee Creative Charity Fundraiser – Week #4: #MandalaFun, #StitchAlong, #FMQAlong, #DoodleAlong

bee creative charity fundraiser

Today I want to thank those of you who have helped Maureen Russell, of Beautiful Embroidery Designs, to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, as well as increase awareness of CF.  For those that have purchased virtual raffle tickets, by way of donating funds and/or purchase of Maureen’s PDF Mandala templates or her Justin’s Magic Mandala Embroidery Designs – thank you!  And, for those that may be interested in helping, while Maureen will continue year round to raise such funds, the Bee Creative Charity Fundraiser, hosted by QuiltShopGal, will come to a close in a few days. Thus, if you want to purchase virtual raffle tickets, to win prizes (great odds too), you need to do so quickly as such tickets will only be available in March.  To clarify, Maureen will  be giving me a list of those who made such donations in March, I’ll assign virtual raffle tickets, as appropriate, and coordinate a drawing for the 20+ prizes and announce the winners next week!  

I also want to recognize and thank the Sponsors for this event, as they donated amazing prizes:  AurifilMartingale, Dragon Threads, ASF Lighting Solutions/Beam N Read, Fat Quarter Shop, Schiffer Publishing,  The Wooden Bear and Sweet Peas and Angels.

Click here for a complete list of the 20+ prizes


There are three options all are based on a $10 AU (about $7 US) donation where 100% will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Maureen Russell of Beautiful Embroidery Designs is coordinating the fundraising and will provide QuiltShopGal a list of all donations and qualified purchases, for appropriate allocation of virtual raffle tickets, which will be used to randomly select winners of the prizes.

charity raffle tickets for CF

  1. Anyone can donate via PayPal cash and get a virtual raffle ticket for any increment of $10 AU (~$7 US) donation.  You can submit to Maureen by using the PayPal email address of
  2. Purchase the downloadable PDF Mandala collection in 8″ or 4″ size, for one virtual raffle ticket per collection you purchase.  These templates can also be resized, using any software/printer you may have, as appropriate.
  3. For Machine Embroidery enthusiasts, purchase Justin’s Magic Mandala design collection, in downloadable format for $50 AU (~$35 US) to get 5 raffle tickets.

note:  donations and/or purchases need to be completed in March, to qualify for virtual raffle tickets.  But purchases of these Mandala designs will help raise funds for CF year round, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

justin's mandala templates artwork


Please leave an email or comment if you have any questions.


You can find Beautiful Embroidery Designs at:

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