#EQ25 – Highlights of an EQ7 Designer, Wendy Sheppard

I’m dedicating this post to the Electric Quilt Company, who is having an amazing year long 25th Anniversary Celebration with yummy prizes every month, plus loads of fun.  And, I’m thrilled to have several blogging friends joining me today, to help celebrate.  Many of us, will be sharing a EQ themed blog post on the 10th of every month this year, where you’ll find tips, tutorials, inspirational projects, as well as hopefully some fun quilty insights, as well as learn about how to win amazing prizes.

EQ 25 Celebration EQ logos

Today, I’m wanting to recognize the Electric Quilt Company for the fact that we now have such good access to quilt designers who have created their designs using EQ software.  increase awareness about how EQ software has helped so many quilters become professional designers.

EQ 25 Celebration EQ quotes

The majority of quilt designers use EQ software to design their projects for sale, for publication in various quilting magazines, as well as for providing free patterns.  As such, I’m going to showcase a prolific quilt designer who has accomplished publishing hundreds, if not thousands of designs, using EQ software and also chat about the differences between designing a quilt within EQ software vs software options for pattern writing.

Wendy Sheppard, whom you may know through her blog Ivory Spring, is a brilliant quilter, designer, teacher, author, and Master free-motion quilter.  She has probably published more designs in various quilting magazines, as well as created free patterns for various Fabric Manufacturers, than any designer I know. And she uses EQ7 to design!  

When I spoke with Wendy about software she uses to design vs write her patterns, she shared that she uses EQ7 software for designing, but uses regular word processing software for pattern writing.  

Note:From my observations, pattern writing styles vary from designer to designer, as well as their preference for which software package they wish to use for pattern writing. New designers that want to publish their designs may want to think about:

Designing:  EQ7 is the most popular tool for designing

Illustrations:  While EQ software does provide the ability to incorporate templates, blocks, etc., many designers prefer to also include other illustrations.  While some sketch on paper, most will use software designed to help create such drawings (e.g. Corel Draw, Inkscape, photoshop, PowerPoint, etc), or hire an illustrator/graphic artist.

Instruction writing/layout:  Many use regular word processing software (e.g. MSWord, etc), whereas some use more sophisticated software packages (e.g. MS Publisher, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Inkscape).  

Summary:  There really isn’t a write or wrong choice when selecting a tool.  For many, it may start with what software you already have and/or are familiar with.  Others, the choice may come down to how much you are willing to spend, as well as how comfortable you are with learning new software packages.  My recommendation is to start playing with what you already have and may be familiar with and then make the decision to try more sophisticated and expensive software, when you feel you have pushed the limits of what the current software package can do.  But I hope others will share their perspective on this topic, by adding a comment on this post.  I’ll also be sharing more on this subject throughout the monthly EQ 25th Celebration this year.



Recreating Antique Quilts: Re-envisioning, Modifying & Simplifying Museum Quilts, was published Sept 2014 and quickly became a best seller.

Creative New Quilts & Projects: From Precuts or Stash, was published September 2015 and has also become a very popular book.


Wendy teaches online through Annie’s and currently has five free-motion quilting classes.


As mentioned earlier, Wendy has published hundreds of patterns in every major quilting magazine, as well as designed patterns for almost every major fabric manufacturer.  Wendy also does a great job increasing awareness of where her new designs are published, by sharing on her blog. And if you click on the PRESS tab on her blog, you’ll find an impressive list of her published designs and books.

Here are a couple of her free patterns, she created for Benartex, that have won awards in their annual viewer choice awards:

Movement in Square, a free pattern made available through Benartex, won the 2014 favorite award.k-movementinsquares-with-ribbon

Star Struck, a free pattern made available through Benartex, won the 2015 Fan  favorite award.


Benartex is currently hosting the 2016 March Madness event, where you can vote for your favorite pattern.  Wendy has several free quilt patterns that you can vote for your favorite (as well as designs from other designers):

Star Dust


Shimmering Constellation

B-Gold Standard-shimmconstelationl

Candy Crayons

C-Mix and Match-candycrayons

Tulip Time

K-SPring Parade-TulipTimeBallet School

K-Tiny Dancer-balletschool

I hope you’ll go vote for your favorite.  To vote, simply follow the Benartex blog / Sew In Love with Fabric, to follow and vote in their March Madness event that will utlmately award the viewers choice for the fan favorite #1 free pattern.  Here is a link for the most current post for this fun event:



EQ and Moda have great prizes you could win this month, as part of the EQ 25th Anniversary Celebration: Wouldn’t it be fun to win a bundle of Moda fabric or a copy of EQ7 this month?

win prizes every month


McCalls has a fun article about Wendy with a giveaway where you can enter to win a copy of her new book “Creative New Quilts and Projects”:  http://www.mccallsquilting.com/blogs/blog/2016/03/03/big-time-a-visit-with-wendy-sheppard/

Island Batik is also hosting a blog hop that showcases Wendy’s new book, where you could win some yummy batik fabric and a copy of Wendy’s new book.  Here is the line up for this event this month:


Yes, each month several blogging friends are releasing a post on the 10th of each month to help celebrate the EQ 25th Anniversary.  Along the way, you’ll find tips, tutorials, inspirational project and various EQ themed insights.  Here are some bloggers that I hope you’ll click thru to visit today:

Lastly, if you are a blogger that loves EQ and wants to help with the 25th Anniversary Celebration, consider releasing an EQ themed post on the 10th of each month (e.g. tip, tutorial, inspirational project you’ve made all showing how you use EQ products).  Let me know and I’ll include you in my blog post, to encourage others to pop by your blog and check out your EQ themed sharing.  I’ll also make sure you are on My Creative Blog List, which is a easy to use site designed to follow creative blogs, as well as increase awareness of blogging events.

Here are links to my prior posts for these monthly  #EQ25 celebrations, many include tutorials. And all include links to posts by blogging friends who are also sharing EQ tips, tutorials and inspirational projects on the 10th of each month, to help with the EQ 25th Anniversary Celebration:

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0 thoughts on “#EQ25 – Highlights of an EQ7 Designer, Wendy Sheppard

  1. Great article on such a talented designer and quilter! I follow Wendy’s blog and have purchased her books as well as “saved” various patterns. Several of my friends have used EQ; I remember when the first versions were published. Congratulations to EQ on 25 years!


  2. I love EQ7, and Wendy’s designs. I also use Word to write the pattern directions and currently draw (pencil/paper) or photograph the steps, and add those as needed. I need to learn how to do more of the step illustrations on computer. Thanks for sharing this info!


  3. I stopped at Wendy’s blog before coming here, it made me smile when I read what she said about you, all so true 🙂 Thanks for the heads up about the March madness I jumped over and voted.


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