#FMQStitchAlong – Heart & Feather WholeCloth Workshop with Leah Day – February 6th

The Heart and Feather Wholecloth Quilt Workshop, with Leah Day, is an excellent opportunity to learn/improve our free-motion quilting skills.  And, I’m certainly enjoying stitching this workshop virtually with others.  If you are wishing you had time to join, I want to encourage you to go for it even if you can only find 15 minutes at a time to pursue this workshop.  It is a great way to learn/improve your FMQ skills. And, before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful wholecloth quilt!

Stitch A Long Template Leah Day

While some have been sharing what they have created via this workshop on various social media tools, those that share via the open linky party for this event are automatically entered to win prizes.  And the more sharing you do (e.g. weekly linky parties and social media) the more entries you get.  You can share your finished project, from this workshop, or share progress along the way.  No problem, you need not finish you project during this event. Just share.  We don’t judge, but we do try to encourage everyone to learn/improve their skills along the way, as well as have fun.

This week, sharing by Shannon in Leah’s Facebook group, caught my attention. She also shared an a tip for using the Cat Fur Ball design to cover up her echo stitching the heart.  




 To date, I have watched ALL of the videos tutorials that are included in this workshop.  And I like knowing I can watch them again and again.  They are excellent video tutorials:

1 – Introduction (1:42)
2 – Fabric Prepping and Marking (22:29)
3 – Basting for Trapunto (8:38)
4 – Free Motion Quilting Basics (26:24)
5 – Quilting the Outline (18:15)
6 – Clipping the Batting (8:44)
7 – Pin and Machine Basting (9:22)
8 – Quilting Dense Filler Designs (19:48)
9 – Lesson Nine – Part One – Outlining and Filling the Quilt (18:17)
10 – Lesson Nine – Part Tw0 – Outlining and Filling the Quilt (25:12)  

11 – Lesson Ten – Finishing the Quilt Part One (25:18)
12 – Lesson Ten – Finishing the Quilt Part Two (24:16)

I have been stitching more areas with Leah’s Cat Fur Ball design this week.  I’ve gone back to watch the video tutorials for this design, as well as look at projects Leah used this FMQ design on:



My approach was to use Leah’s Cat Hair Ball Design around the center hearts. I liked it and decided to add it on the inside of the feather border vs microstippling.  I then got so excited I added it to the outer side of the feather border. It works, but I wish had not not done this.  Before I realized my version of this design was not as dense as Leah’s, I had applied it to multiple areas.  I now wish I had applied the microstippling around the feathers, as shown above in Leah’s quilt.

Although, now I’m inspired to re-create this wallhanging follow Leah’s options for placement of the various FMQ designs taught in this workshop.  I think she has a much better eye for placement of such designs than I do.   Still, I have had fun stitching this project and grown fond of the Cat Fur Ball design.  It has added another design to my personal portfolio, should I ever want to use it again on future projects.


Today I’m adding the micro stippling to the inside of the center hearts, as well as the various corners around the heart.  I also plan to do more Cat Hair Ball stitching, to make the center area pop more, as shared in Leah’s projects.


I’m hoping to add the binding on this project early this week and wash it to remove the water soluble thread and wash away fabric marks.

Don’t forget if you are stitching this project, or you have completed the project from Leah’s Heart and Feather Wholecloth Workshop, please share via the linky party below.  Every week you get another chance to share and the more sharing = more entries, to win prizes.  You need not have your project completed by Valentine’s Day, just because that was my goal!  

Also, please take a moment to share your progress in Leah’s group on Facebook (Leah Day Quilting – https://www.facebook.com/groups/leahdayquilting/


For bloggers, another bonus of joining this event (and any event I host in 2016 that uses a Linky tool), you will get added to My Creative Blog List, which is a site I created to help others follow blogs, as well as promote blogging events.  To check out this blog list visit: http://mycreativebloglist.blogspot.com/   


For non-bloggers, you have several options to share via the linky tool.  The most popular way would be to upload your photos to Flickr and share a link to your picture via the linky tool.  But you can also upload your picture to Leah’s group on Facebook and then add a link to that image via the linky tool.  Just remember your url links need to be direct links, allowing someone to click thru to see your photo entry not just a generic link that might show more than your specific entry.    

If you are not familiar with Linky Tools, here is a link to a tutorial: http://quiltshopgal.com/tutorial-for-participants-in-linky-events-for-bloggers-and-non-bloggers/
Don’t forget if you use any social media tools, please use share photos of your progress using hashtags: #quiltalong10, #StitchALong, #FMQStitchAlong.  I’ll be sharing in Leah’s Facebook group, this blog (updates every Saturday) and you can also follow me at:



Thanks to Martingale for sponsoring this Stitch A Long.  The following prizes will be randomly awarded to WW participants:

Machine Quilting Made Easy, by Maurine Noble

Teach Me to Applique’ Fusible Applique’ that is Soft & Simple, by Pat Sloan

Fun-Size Quilts: 17 Popular Designers Play With Fat Quarters, Compiled by Karen M. Burns

The Big Book of Nickel Quilts: 40 Projects for 5-inch Scraps, by Path Speth with Charlene Thode


  1. Join the Linky Party in any/all of the posts for this Stitch A Long, sharing your progress, a previously completed Heart and Feather Quilt, and hopefully your completed quilt during this event.  To clarify, you can share weekly and the more weeks you participate, the more entries you get to win prizes.
  2. Bloggers are encouraged to share via their blog, with a link to the most current Stitch A Long blog post on QuiltShopGal.  While not required, it is appreciated if you share the artwork for this event and encourage others to participate and/or come check out other sharing.
  3. Share in Leah Day’s facebook group and leave a comment on any of the posts for this event, stating the date you shared.
  4. Share on any social media tool (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), using any/all of the #hashtags for this event (#quiltalong10, #StitchALong, #FMQStitchAlong) and leave a comment on any of the posts for this event, stating that you shared.
  5. While this event is open to WW participants, in 2016 QuiltShopGal will providefree shipping of prizes, that I ship directly to US Only winners.  International winners will be required to pay a flat $20 postage fee.  If the actual shipping is more, QuiltShopGal will pay the difference.  If ithe actual cost is less, the funds will go into the 2016 postage expense fund to supplement such expenses in 2016.  “Postage Angels” are also always appreciated and will be recognized in my blog posts for giveaways and/or events, where their donations are used to help offset shipping expenses of  prizes this year.  Of course, I also appreciate those that remember I’m an Affiliate of Craftsy and Amazon and when you click thru my site to make such a purchase, your price remains the same, but I “may” receive a small fee that I use to supplement postage expenses.
  6. One prize per participant.  Winners will receive an email mid-February to notify them that they are a winner. I will do my best to match each winner with their favorite book, by asking them to list their top three choices.  Based on first to respond to my email, will be matched to the available prize of their choice. Prizes that are not claimed will be used as prizes in future Stitch A Longs, or other events hosted by QuiltShopGal

You can find Leah at:


Don’t forget to check back weekly (on Saturdays unless I drop the ball), for  sharing our Heart and Feather Wholecloth Quilt progress in this Stitch A Long.  And, what ever you do, I hope you have a wonderful week with time to enjoy and create!

Here is a list of other posts for this #StitchALong Event:
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0 thoughts on “#FMQStitchAlong – Heart & Feather WholeCloth Workshop with Leah Day – February 6th

    1. Thank you Fiona. I’m certainly having enjoying learning via Leah’s Heart and Feather Wholecloth Quilt workshop, as well as stitching it out virtually with others. I’m now eager to repeat this design, following more closely Leah’s approach to which design was used in each area, as I think I had so much fun with her Cat Fur Ball design I got carried away. But I do love that design and delighted to add it to my FMQ portfolio.

      Have you taken this workshop?


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