When The Unexpected Happens And Life Changes In A Blink Of An Eye

When our world shatters, what do you do to get through it?  Or better yet, what are you willing to do to try to make things better?  And, how far are you willing to help someone going thru such a life changing crisis that tears and the very strings that ties everything dear, in our lives, together?

Our worldwide quilting community is a group of talented and giving people.  I’ve truly seen miracles happen in our community through the power of prayer, as well as by fundraisers to help great causes.  PR Angels help to spread the word, some come up with other ideas how to help, many send positive wishes and prayers, and there are those that help financially to make a difference, among so many other ways to help.  We each have a story, but today I want to share a story about an amazing quilter, teacher, author who has made such an amazing contribution to make our world of quilting so wonderful and she has such a giving heart, where she has helped so many.  But right now, she and her family need our help.

Angela has give so much to make our world of quilting a wonderful place, while she is so young, I believe she is already a legend.

head-shot-e1395192454843-748x1024She actually learned to quilt from her husband’s grandpa, so I guess we can say she married into a quilting family!

Here are a few examples of how you may already be aware of Angela and her contributions to make our world of quilting so wonderful:

  • You may know Angela Walters through free FMQ tutorials that she has shared through my blog, her blog,




Angela’s brother Nate is a Kansas City Police Officer.   He is also a husband and father of three young boys.



You may remember that Angela married into a quilting family, where she learned to quilt from her husband’s grandfather. Well, her brother-in-law Nate and his wife Jessica recently introduced a new line of quilt patterns at Fall ’15 Quilt Market, from their design house “Simply Modern Quilt Patterns“.


{above} At Fall Market, Nate shared a quilt he made to support the Kansas City Police force.

On Thursday, December 10th, Nate an off-duty Kansas City Police Officer was found in a ditch by a passerby who called 911.  The details of the motorcycle accident are unknown but Nate has ended up in ICU and remains in serious condition.  And this accident has changes the lives of Nate’s family and friends.  It has also changed the balance of our world wide quilting community!


For those that believe in the power of prayer, a call for such prayers are encouraged.  But there are many ways you can help.

While Nate has medical coverage through the Kansas City Police Department, we all know that in such insurance never covers all expenses. And, extra funds can also help to get the best care, the best physical therapy and help with endless unplanned and uninsured expenses.  Thus, a few grassroots efforts to help Nate and his family with such expenses has been established.

PR Angels that can help increase awareness are needed.  And, those that want to help financially are also appreciated.  For those that can help spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, other Social Media tools, please use the hashtags:


Here are a few opportunities that have been established for financial assistance:

Angela Walters is raffling off this stunning quilt that is also the cover quilt of an upcoming book published with C&T  Publishing. The design is Nightsky, a pattern designed by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts. For every “Stand with Nate” bracelet you purchase you are entered to win this beautiful quilt.


Angela  created “Stand With Nate” bracelets that can be obtained with a $5 purchase (donation) via her store and 100% of the proceeds go to help Nate and his family.  I’m ordering some with plan to also drop off at my local Police department, and others, to help share his story and hopefully rally more people to support Nate and his family.  You can place your order for these bracelets, after creating an account, at: http://quilting-is-my-therapy.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/we-stand-with-nate-bracelet



There is also a striking t-shirt that you can also receive by donating to help raise funds for Nate and his family, by placing orders orders with WonderBoy.


{above} Show that you stand with Nate by ordering a limited edition T-shirt. All proceeds go to the Harrison family. There are three price options depending on what you would like to donate. http://www.wonderboyapparel.com/


A Go fund Me page has also been established where you can make donations to help Nate and his family:  https://www.gofundme.com/kcpdstrong


For PR Angels, you have my permission and Angela’s to share this post, as well as to copy/paste and share via your blogs, or email, as appropriate.  While my blog is copyright protected you have our permission to copy this post and help increase awareness of the “We Stand With Nate” effort, where prayers and donations to help the family are greatly appreciated by many.

You may not know Nate, but as he is a Police Officer, a husband, a father, a quilter and very much loved brother of Angela Walters, who has certainly given so much to help make our world of quilting a wonderful place, I do so hope you will find a way to help.


You can always find more information on Nate at:

We Stand With Nate Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1944442932447075/?pnref=story

You can find Angela at:



Lastly, while this is certainly a stressful time for Nate’s family, including Angela, please know that they appreciate your prayers and donations, very much.  And, I appreciate it too!

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