Little Big Stuff: Pint-Sized Play Sets to Sew for Kids – A Book Review and Giveaway


I’m delighted to share insights with you today about a fun new sewing book that is perfect for sewing enthusiasts of all levels, and contains step by step instructions to make 24 projects that will appeal to kids – boys and girls alike.

The “Little Big Stuff: Pint-Sized Play Sets To Sew For Kids“, by Michelle Lee Jensen, published by Martingale, is a great new book that I think anyone with kids or grandkids will want to create projects from this book, as well as make items to give away.   I’m even thinking some of these projects would make popular auction items for school fundraisers!

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Discover a collection of fun-to-stitch, role-playing projects that any child is sure to adore. “Let’s pretend” play sets let children mimic the things they see grown-ups doing: gardening, cooking, camping, and more. Savor the joys of sewing for children as you create unforgettable gifts.

  • 20 cute and clever projects with lots of kid appeal–for boys and girls alike
  • Encourage imaginative play with items such as a pet bed and carrier, gardening bucket, picnic blanket, duffel bag, and aprons for the kitchen, garden, and shop
  • Skill-building techniques include adding applique, applying bias binding, inserting piping, and installing zippers

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Michelle Jensen grew up in the small rural town of Clover, Utah. She graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, not sewing, and she confesses that her class load might have been much different if she’d known what she reallywanted to be when she grew up! She eventually married her high-school sweetheart, Weston, who has always been a wonderful source of support and a great person to share life with. Michelle didn’t start her sewing career until after the birth of her first child. She now has two children, Cately and Alex, who inspired this book because Michelle enjoys making items to warm their sweet little hearts. In addition to working on kid-friendly creations, Michelle designs things for the home, including table runners, wall hangings, bed quilts, adult bags, and clothing of all sorts. But that’s still not enough sewing for her: she also quilts professionally with her long-arm quilting machine.

Sharing the attitude of many people who love what they do, Michelle doesn’t feel like she’s working when she’s sewing and designing, because she enjoys those activities so immensely. She admits to sometimes getting a bit stuck when developing new, more challenging “outside-of-the-box” patterns or techniques. In those frustrating moments, she knows she just needs to put in some extra effort. She believes that challenging sewing projects inevitably lead to great results–unique products that make you proud, or that make someone else happy, or both! The extra effort is always worth it. Don’t let a mistake or an imperfect project stop you. Keep sewing.

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Little Big Stuff is packed with 24 fun sewing projects to make things that are kid friendly, for both boys and girls.  All of the projects in this book have easy to follow instructions with great visuals.  And, they will definitely encourage imagination and fun play time.

This book also provides skill-building techniques for adding applique’, applying bias binding, inserting piping, as well as installing zippers.Plus there are oodles of excellent tips, making this book a great book for beginning sewing enthusiasts as well as those with years of experience.

With 24 delightful projects, this book is truly an amazing value. I also think this book could be a great book for a pre-teen, or teen, that wants to learn to sew.  Many projects would make great gifts to family and friends, as well as for your kids to enjoy.

FINALs B1300.indd

I hope you get a chance to check out this creative new book at your favorite quilt or sewing center.  Of course, if you don’t find it let them know you are interested in having them make it available in their shop, as they may not have heard about it yet.  You can also check it out online at Martingale, or Amazon.

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You need not be a follower to enter to win this book, but there are definitely options for followers of QuiltShopGal, as well as Martingale, to claim extra entries.  This is a physical book that I will ship to the randomly selected winner, but due to my limited funds for postage, I will only pay for postage to ship to US/Canada winners.  If you wish to enter, simply use the Rafflecopter form below.  I will send an email to the lucky winner.

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