#SummerCamp – Creative Projects, by Heidi Boyd

SummerCamp badge Welcome to another #SummerCamp where our creative activities today focus on the Heidi Boyd, an amazing crafter, designer, sewing enthusiast, and author.  I personally love all of her designs and I’m delighted to showcase some that make for #KidFriendly projects during our virtual summer camp.  But first, a little bit about Heidi Boyd:


Heidi has a fine art degree in painting and drawing.  She has created her first line of fabrics with Red Rooster Fabrics, Forest Fabrics which will introduced in September. This new line of fabric would certainly make beautiful quilts, clothing, household decorator items and more.  I also think it would make lovely fabric for teaching kids to sew, particularly a pillow!  Click here to see the 19 fabrics in this beautiful collection of whimsical fabrics, including a panel of forest animals.


And, Quilt Shops will have this pattern to make a quilt using these fabrics too!   I’ve also heard that OESD will soon be releasing a machine embroidery design collection that compliments this fabric line, but I’m sure it will also be delightful to stitch out independantly.  forestfrolic313


She has also written many books, with Fairy Tale Sewing being her most recent book.


Heidi has created many Whimsy Softie designs, as well as Whimsy Stitches Hoop designs that are all delightful.  Perfect for decorating your home, as well as a gift to bring a smile to others anytime of the year. 


Penguins_COVER_BaggedKit_1000px WhimsyStitchesChickadees_BaggedKit_Cover_1000px

The “Colt” Embroidered Whimsy and “So Deer” Whimsy Stitches are great projects to teach kids the art of being creative thru stitchery!   And the  Cats, Bunnies and Penguins are the easiest of the softie kits.




But as these projects contain pins and needles, they are advised for kids 13+ and older.  (Although I know parents that have taught kids 5+ and older the art of stitchery and they do absolutely beautiful work.  Use your parental judgement and do watch any child closely when working with sharp sewing tools).

And don’t overlook how perfect these kits would be as a stocking stuffer, or other gift!


Many quilt shops carry books and kits by Heidi Boyd, but if you don’t find them let your local quilt shop know you’d like them to make them available.

You can find Heidi Boyd at:



Want to know how to join #SummerCamp?

Everyone is welcome to join #SummerCamp, but there have been a few changes due to lack of participation. To clarify, we’d love to have you participate but we no longer have a linky party to join, nor will there be prizes awarded at the end of this event. Participants are asked to share what they create on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and use the Hashtag #SummerCamp.

Don’t forget you can also share any of your #SummerCamp projects in any of our weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties. Everyone is invited to share any form of creativity in these parties that start on Fridays.

happy Crafternoon time

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