2015 Spring Quilt Market Sneak Peek (Part 3): School House, New Books and Patterns



Store owners and buyers attending Quilt Market have many opportunities to learn about new books, meet the authors, and see project samples.    School House can also provide store owners with oodles of tips to showcase these books, as well as learn about traveling trunk shows that may be available.  In this post I am sharing insights on School House and various “in booth” opportunities to learn about these new books, while at Market.  This is also a great opportunity for those not attending Market, to let their favorite shops know what books they might like to see them offer.

Thursday, May 14th – School House

School House
11am  – noon- 
11:15 – Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Appliqué with Pat Sloan, Room #211D (Martingale)

11:15 –Constantinople Quilts, with Tamsin Harvey, Room #211B (CT Pub)

11:50 – Irish Chain Quilts with Melissa Corry, Room 211D (Martingale)

11:50 –The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color, with Becky Goldsmith, Room #211B (CT Pub)
12:25pm – Handmade Christmas Cheer with Pat Wys, Room 211D (Martingale)
12:25 –Urban Scandinavian Sewing, with Kirstyn Cogan, Room #211B (CT Pub)
1pm – Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go with Gudrun Erla, Room 211D (Martingale)


1pm – Easy-Cut Quilts with Lots of Twists, with TailorMade By Design, Room 211C  (Landauer)


1pm –Two New Exciting New Releases from Stash Books, with Heidi Staples & Christine Haynes, Room #211B (CT Pub)


1:35PM – Quick Change with Karen Burns and Designers, Room 211D (Martingale)


1:35pm – Perfect Needleturn Applique’ with gluepen, by Helen Stubbings, Room 211C  (Landauer)


1:35pm –Two New Exciting New Releases from Three Talented Authors, with Kate Carlson Colleran, Elizabeth Veit Balderrama and Jessica Schicks, Room #211B (CT Pub)
2:10pm – Sew Simple Hexi-Flowers, with Karin Hellaby, Room 211C  (Landauer)

2:10pm –A Merry Christmas with Kim Schaefer ,  Room #211B (CT Pub)


2:30pm – Quiltmaking Essentials 2 with Donna Lynn Thomas, Room 211D (Martingale)
2:30pm – Get Quilting with Angela & Cloe, with Angela Walters, Room 211B (CT Pub)
2:50pm – Style and Swing Presented by Karen Burns, Room 211D (Martingale)
2:50pm – Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion, with Rachel Lows, Room 211B (CT Pub)
3:10pm – A Modern Twist with Natalie Barnes, Room 211D (Martingale)
3:10pm – Little Gems with Connie Kauffman, Room 210B (Martingale)

3:10pm – Two New Exciting New Releases from Stash Books!, with Rebecca Bryan, Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting, Room 211B (CT Pub)


3:45pm – Seems Like Scrappy with Rebecca Silbaugh, Room 211D (Martingale)


3:45pm – A Bit of Appliqué with Amy Struckmeyer, Room 210B (Martingale)
3:45pm – You Inspire Me to Quilt, with Cheryl Arkison, Room 211B (CT Pub)
4:20pm – Little Big Stuff with Michelle Lee Jensen, Room 210B (Martingale)
4:55pm – Make It, Take It with Krista Hennebury, Room 210B (Martingale)

Friday, May 15th

10am – 11am
10am – Pat Sloan, Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Applique, EE Schenck booth #1023

10 am – Cabin Fever, Natalia Bonner & Kathleen Whiting,  #1440
10:30 – Irish Chain Quilts, Melissa Corry, United Notions #2249

10:30 – Quilting Essentials, Donna Lynn Thomas, Martingale #325
11am – noon
11am – A Modern Twist, Natalia Bonner, Brewer #1919

11 am – Quilting By Design, Jessica Schick,  #1440
11:30am – Civil War Remembered, Mary Etherington & Connie Tesene, United Notions #2249
11:30am – Seems Like Scrappy by Rebecca Silbaugh, Martingale #325
noon – 1pm
noon – Irish Chain Quilts by Melissa Corry, E.E. Schenck #1023

noon – A Merry Christmas with Kim Schaefer,  #1440
12:30pm – Little Gems by Connie Kauffmann, Martingale #325
1pm – 2pm
1pm – Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Appliqué, United Notions #2249

1pm – Quiltmaking Essentials 2 by Donna Lynn Thomas, E.E. Schenck #1023
1pm – Modern Hand Stitching, by Ruth Chandler, Landauer Publishing #1947
1pm – The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color,Becky Goldsmith  #1440

1:30pm – Make It, Take It by Krista Hennebury, Martingale #325
2pm – 3pm
2pm – Little Big Stuff by Michelle Jensen, Brewer #1919
2pm – Quick Change with Brigitte Heitland, United Notions #2249
2pm – Contemporary Curved Quilts, with Sew Kind of Wonderful, Landauer Publishing #1947
2pm – Modern Rainbow,Rebecca Bryan  #1440
2pm – Get Quilting with Angela & Cloe,Angela Walters  #733
2:30pm – A Bit of Appliqué by Amy Struckmeyer, Martingale #325
3pm – Handmade Christmas Cheer by Pat Wys, United Notions #2249
3pm – Threads The Basics and Beyond, by Liz Kettle, Landauer Publishing #1947
3pm – Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion,Rachel Low  #1440
3:30pm Civil War Remembered by Mary Etherington & Connie Tesene,Martingale #325
4pm – 5PM
4pm – Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Appliqué, Brewer #1919

4pm – Christmas Truffles, by Liz Stubbings, Landauer Publishing #1947


4pm – Sew Organized for the Busy Girl,Heidi Staples  #1440
4pm – You Inspire Me to Quilt,Cheryl Arkison  #2249
4:30pm DEMO: Machine Quilting with Style by Christa Watson, Martingale #325


Saturday, May 16

10am – 11am  
10am – Make It, Take It by Krista Hennebury, Brewer #1919
10am – Get Quilting with Angela & Cloe,Angela Walters  #2249

10:30am – Handmade Christmas Cheer by Pat Wys, Martingale #325

11am – noon



11am – Seems Like Scrappy by Rebecca Silbaugh, Brewer #1919
11am – Know Your Needles, by Liz Kettle, Landauer Publishing #1947
11am – Urban Scandinavian Sewing,Kirstyn Cogan  #1440
11:30am – Irish Chain Quilts by Melissa Corry, Martingale #325

noon – 1pm
noon – Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go by Gudrun Erla, E.E. Schenck #1023
noon – Needleturn Applique’ The Basics & Beyond, by Angela Lawrence, Landauer Publishing #1947
noon – You Insipire Me to Quilt, Cheryl Arkison  #1440
12:30pm – Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Appliqué, by Pat Sloan, Martingale #325
1pm – A Modern Twist by Natalie Barnes, E.E. Schenck #1023
1pm – Hexagon Happenings by Carolyn Forster, Landauer Publishing #1947
1pm – The Quilter’s Practical Guide to Color, Becky Goldsmith #1438

1pm – Smash Your Precut Stash!, Kate Carlson Colleran, Elizabeth Veit Balderrama #1440
1:30pm – Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Appliqué, Martingale #325

2pm – A Bit of Appliqué by Amy Struckmeyer, Brewer #1919
2pm – Curvy Log Cabins  by Jean Ann Wright, Landauer Publishing #1947
2pm – How to Speak Fluent Sewing, Christine Haynes #1440
2pm – The Little Spark, Carrie Bloomston #432-433
2:30pm – Little Big Stuff by Michelle Jensen, Martingale #325




3pm – Seems Like Scrappy by Rebecca Silbaugh, E.E. Schenck #1023

3pm – Contemporary Curved Quilts, with Sew Kind of Wonderful, Landauer Publishing #19473pm – Constantinople Quilts, Tamsin Harvey #1440

3:30pm – Quick Change – Meet the Designers, Martingale #325

4 – 5pm

4pm – Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go by Gudrun Erla, United Notions #2249
4pm – Urban Scandinavian Sewing, Kirstyn Cogan #1919
4pm – Sew Simple Hexi-Flowers, by Karen Hellaby, Landauer Publishing #1947
5pm – Daily Zen Quilts and Projects, with Tailor Made by Design, Landauer Publishing #1947

Sunday, May 17th


10:30am – All About Strips by Susan Guzman,Martingale #325


11am -Best of Circle of Nine Quilts, by Jean Ann Wright, Landauer Publishing #1947

11:30am – A Modern Twist by Natalie Barnes,Martingale #325

noon – 1pm

12:30pm – Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go by Gudrun Erla, Martingale #325


1:30pm – DEMO: Stitch On the Double by Kathleen Brown, Martingale #325


note:  Martingale book signings require advance tickets. Check with staff for availability.  Book signing, limited to one per shop.  If you own a quilt shop, hop on over to our booth and get your passport for the Martingale Author Hop—you could win a basket of beautiful books!



Brewer is also hosting signings in their booth#


There are also hundreds of new patterns introduced at Market.

Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio –  #2312

Will be introducing several new patterns, an embroidery design collection, as well as a new fabric collection with Benartex.


Heidi L. Boyd –  #2148

Many new Whimsy collections will be introduced, all delightfully fun and filled with #CreativeGoodness.  Plus, Heidi will be giving away beautiful pins (buttons).


Cozy Quilt Designs –  #2612

Daniela Stout and team will be introducing many new patterns and books at market.  Definitely check out her new book Tranquility Place.


Lunch Box Quilts –  #935

Angie has a new embroidered quilt collection that every quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiasts should have in their sewing room (and every store should have one displayed).  Definitely an inspirational quilt.  She also has a yummy new embroidered dish towel collection with delightful dinner recipes.


Terial Arts #518

Attendees not familiar with Terial Arts should pop by and meet Terry to learn about how to use and the benefits of Terial Magic as a stabilizer, as well as her beautiful 3D fabric flower kits!   This is a great new product that not many are aware of.




Attendees to Quilt Market shouldn’t overlook the benefits of the APP that is available.  You can download at:quiltmarketapp.com

More things attendees should remember to pack:

  • Your camera and/or SmartPhone, batteries, charger as you’ll definitely want to take pictures
  • highlighter as you’ll want to highlight items in the program!
  • notepad to take notes
  • An umbrella, lightweight rain jacket, hat as there may be some wet weather during this event.  Some people flying may also be impacted with flight delays due to Tornadoes and storms.

weather forecast for quilt market








 After three sneak peeks on Market, what would you recommend your favorite quilt shops carry?

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0 thoughts on “2015 Spring Quilt Market Sneak Peek (Part 3): School House, New Books and Patterns

    1. How fun that you were able to meet Natalie Barnes at TRENDS. She taught at the SD Quilt Show last Fall, but I was out of town. 😦

      BTW – I’m not attending Market, but having fun following #QuiltMarket insights on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and blog posts by those attending.


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