2015 Spring Quilt Market Sneak Peek (Part 1): Collectable Quilter Pins (buttons), free-pattern and more

I’m a firm believer an informed quilter can help influence what their quilt shop carries, as well as the success of such shops!  I’m not saying shop owners don’t know what they are doing, but that informed quilters know what they want and when they share that with owners, there is greater likely that shop is going to see increased inventory turnover as a result of carrying inventory that their customers are asking for.  As such, I enjoy researching and learning about new products and sharing my findings with you.  This week, I’ll be sharing some “sneak peeks” on new products that will be showcased at Spring 2015 Quilt Market.  Some of these sneak peeks may be of interest for attendees, some may want to let their favorite stores know you are interested in them and want to encourage them to check them out at market, and some may simply want to wait and be surprised when new things appear in your favorite shops!
Quilt Market is a Trade Show that is held twice a year, for those in the businesses (see credential requirements).  It is a great opportunity for buyers to come learn about new products and place their orders for items that will appear in quilt shops, later in 2015.  There are also many opportunities for those in the business to learn how to grow their business by attending various panel discussions, which QuiltShopGal highly recommends for everyone in the business.  


May 15-17, 2015
Classes begin May 14
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I’ve heard rumors that this is the year of the “pins”, or do you call them buttons?  Yes, many will be giving away pins (or buttons) that I’m sure will become collector items. I can visualize a special exhibit at a future Quilt Festival filled with collectible quilting pins!  

Of course, I’m sure hoping friends will think of me and send me some of these pins as I’d like to build on my little collection.   And I think any store that brings back some of these collectable pins could have fun using them as door prizes, or other prizes to draw customers into their quilt shops.  Or create your own exhibit, or swap. Speaking of which, do you have a day planned to share insights on Market with your customers?  And Quilters – if your store doesn’t share insights on Market at an in shop event, let them know you’d like them too do so and encourage them to bring back and share some collectible pins and other SWAG too!

While I don’t have a complete list of who will be giving out buttons, here are a few that have caught my attention:

Rumor has it Melissa Corry will be signing copies of her new book, published by Martingale.  And, she’ll be giving out pins that say “Kiss Me I’m an Irish Chain”.  This event is scheduled in the Martingale booth #325 Saturday at 11:30am.  Do be sure to sign up via Martingale Wholesale online registration, for any book signing, to ensure a copy is available for you.


Aurifil – Booth #1133 has pins that you’ll LOVE to wear.


Christa Watson will be signing her new book “Machine Quilting With Style”, in Martingale’s booth #325, Friday, May 14th, 4:30-5:30pm.  Rumor has it she has some collector pins to giveaway too!  Again, stores attending should be sure to sign up in advance, on Martingale’s wholesale website, to ensure they get a signed copy.  


Quilter’s Dream Batting, booth #1613, shared on Facebook that they have plenty of pins to share.  Although, I think everyone wants to be one of the #battgirls, so be sure to visit their booth early.



Helen Stubbings (Hugs & Kisses) has a tutorial to make a cute name badge holder that also holds your pins. Make it, wear it and visit her booth #940 at Market to get a limited edition pin.



QuiltShopGal is an advocate for those in the business and always looking for ways to help those in the business be successful.  As such, I want to encourage all attendees to attend classes at Market.    Classes for new designs, tips and techniques can help you come up with new classes to teach.  And, you can also share insights at a post-Market event in your shop to draw in customers.  (Quilter’s, if your local shop doesn’t hold such events, let them know you’d like them to do so).

There are also excellent classes that help those in the business build on their business skills.  And who doesn’t want to learn more ways to be more effective, and ideally increase your income?  I’ve often heard from many talented designers that want to pursue writing a book, but may not know the first steps.  There are classes at Market that can help you learn and while all the classes look great, here are a few business oriented classes that caught my attention and I wanted to encourage those in the business to attend:

Wed., May 13th

Marketing Like A Pro Boot Camp, #105

Thur., May 14th

Boomer Power, #200

Fri., May 15th

Strategies for a Changing Business World, #301
Consumers: How they think and what will win their trust, #315
If you plan it, they will come, #316

Sat., May 16th

Maximizing your add-on sales, #400
Teacher to Author, #401
Classes, demos and display that sell more than fabric, #415
Profits are an option, but cash is fact, #416

Sun., May 17th

Social Media – It’s not what you say, but how you say it, #500
Get Productive, #501

For a complete description of these classes, as well as a complete list of classes and events download the class catalog.

I also want to heighten awareness for those attending Market to use #QuiltMarket when sharing insights on any Social Media Tool.  This also helps non-Market attendees to gleam insights on Market!

The wonderful Quilt Market team has also created an APP that attendees can download and use.  It has a complete list of Vendors and their booth number, a map of the show floor, classes and events including Schoolhouse Series, as well as a list of Presentors


You can find more Quilt Market info at:




While QuiltShopGal is a firm believer that Quilters who are not in the business, still have the ability to influence their favorite quilt shops, by letting them know what products they want them to carry, I also realize sometimes it is more fun to simply quilt and share and not worry about be aware of new products until they appear in your shop.  Thus, I do want to encourage those not attending Market to join the fun Blogger’s Quilt Festival, hosted by Amy Ellis of Amy’s Creative Side.
Don’t forget to check back to see some “sneak peeks” on Spring Quilt Market this week, as well as tips for things to remember to bring with you to Market.  Here are a few that attendees should be sure to pack:
Business cards (amazingly, people do forget to bring business cards, or bring enough).
A Selfie Stick is handy and fun.  There will certainly be plenty of photo bomb opportunities at market.  Camkix has a great blue tooth that is universal (iphone, Samsung, etc) and Amazon can ship it out for a delivery within 24 hours of your order.

Sports tape can be great to wrap your feet, giving them more support for hours on the showroom floor!

0 thoughts on “2015 Spring Quilt Market Sneak Peek (Part 1): Collectable Quilter Pins (buttons), free-pattern and more

  1. I’m curious, How would you wrap your feet. I’ve never heard of this tape. A lot of times I don’t attend some of the shows is because of my feet hurting after long hours on the floor, even though I wear good shoes.


  2. Yes, I get to watch Market from the sidelines. I Follow a bunch of Designers and Love some of the new things coming out. I got a couple of pins at Trends. They are cute. I need to get my Entry for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival ready. I’ve been procrastinating. One more week!


  3. What fun to think about! I used to go to market and it was so full of energy and ideas. I’m sure it’s bigger and better than ever, wherever it’s held. I love the whole button thing. I’ve collected quilt pins for years, but buttons seem to be the newer thing. I *need* one of the QD buttons. I’m calling Monday to see if they’ll send one with my new order. I hope all your attending friends collect buttons for you!


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